Annual Chichester derby is a close encounter

Chichester played Chichester City Club (most of whom play at the Bowling Club) in their annual match for the Alan Bowler Trophy. The bowling club held the advantage for most of the game and retained the trophy with a 15-shot victory.

Wednesday, 30th August 2017, 4:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:23 pm
Chichester Bowling Club and the City Club gather for their annual game / Picture by Alan Stewart
Chichester Bowling Club and the City Club gather for their annual game / Picture by Alan Stewart

Scores (Bowling Club names first): Debbie Hogg, Kevin Ball, Betty Spicer (skip) beat Ian Linfield, Ricky Hobbs, Mick Page (skip) 20-15; Les Etherington, Peter Green, David Schofield (skip) beat Frances Downing, Colin Spicer, Brian Talmage (skip) 22-7; Chris Corbett, Bernard Money, Jean Hole (skip) lost to Bernard Hole, Alan Stewart, Les Shipp (skip) 21-13; Barbara Higham, Cole Porter, Jim Davis (skip) beat Graham Fisher, Terry Wiseman, Stuart Meyer (skip) 19-12; Chris Hobbs, Tony Hardgrove, Simon Tooley (skip) lost to Guy Buckle, Steph Baverstock, Brian Butler (skip) 17-11; Stuart Wilson, Les Edmonds, Keith Burt (skip) beat Duncan Gray, Tony Daines, Peter White (skip) 22-20.

In their West Sussex League division-one match away to Tarring Priory, Chichester were 22 shots behind after 17 ends. A late fightback was not quite enough as they fell six shots short, and with only one winning rink they returned with just two points.

Scores: Gerry Jackson, Cole Porter, David Schofield, Nick Anderson (skip) lost 26-20; Peter Green, Les Etherington, Brian Talmage, Simon Tooley (skip) lost 22-17; Kevin Ball, Tony Hardgrove, Brian Butler, Mick Page (skip) won 23-16; Ian Linfield, Stuart Meyer, Gary Miller, Derek Leach (skip) lost 20-18.

Chichester 142 Worthing Grasshoppers 67

With wins by all six triples, Chichester had a comfortable win at home to Worthing Grasshoppers in a mixed friendly.

Scores: Barbara Higham, Bernard Money, Jim Davis (skip) won 21-15; Frances Downing, Peter White, Keith Burt (skip) won 17-13; Maggie Maggs, Les Etherington, David Schofield (skip) won 34-6; John Walters, Kevin Ball, Brian Talmage (skip) won 28-13; Ian Linfield, Steph Baverstock, Brian Butler (skip) won 15-13; Stuart Wilson. Peter Merritt, Stuart Meyer (skip) won 27-7.

Fishbourne 23 Chichester 42

Chichester took all the points in their BM League game at Fishbourne.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Ronnie Pickering & Peter Whale won 24-13; Frances Downing, Stuart Wilson & Mike Bayfield won 18-10.

Chichester 57 Bognor 22

At home to Bognor in the C&M League, Chichester took the six points they needed to draw level with Bognor at the top.

Scores: Steph Baverstock, Ronnie Pickering, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer won 33-11; Chris Hobbs, Maggie Maggs, Sue Miles & Denise Latter won 24-11.


Witterings 37 Worthing Pavilion 39

A two-point loss resulted for Witterings in the C&M League.

Scores: Diane Leach, Ros Hanbury, Maureen Mulligan, Carole Tuffin (s) won 23-19; Sue Dobson, Judy Bangs, Julie Mulligan, Jan Derkatsch (s) lost 20-14.

Witterings 29 Bognor 38

Scores (friendly): Jackie Clapton, Sheila Currell, Sue Dobson, Barbara Newman (skip) lost 24-15; Teresa Heathorn, Marion Corbett, Maureen Mulligan, Diane Leach (skip) drew 14-14.

Witterings 61 Pagham 90

In the WSB League, Witterings lost by 29 shots to Pagham. One rink win gained Witterings two points.

Scores: Alan May, Brian Smethurst, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) lost 30-10; Paul Chivers, David Gibbons, E Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 24-17; Stuart Hooker, Glyn Dobson, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) 20-17; David Buckton,Ron Prior, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) lost 23-10.


Little Spain’s finals weekend began with the men’s yardstick and John Ballinger beat club-vice captain Bob Hughes 31-7.

Hughes is right-handed but an injury meant he had to play left-handed and still managed a high standard.

The ladies’ yardstick saw John’s wife Sylvia regain the trophy she won last year with a convincing 24-11 victory over Jillie Ranscombe.

Club captain Iain Mayzes and Geoff Spicer overcame John Ballinger and John Thorp 29-11 in the men’s pairs final.

In the ladies’ pairs final Sylvia Ballinger linked up with another newcomer, Chris Lankshear, to win 26-10 against Annette Iskett and Joan Spicer.

In the singles finals, Trevor Palmer made it five titles in coming from behind to beat Jim Lankshear 21-14 in a hard-fought match.

Val Palmer made it a successful day for the Palmers when she won her fourth club singles title by beating Barbara Bond 22-10.

Archie Coletta won his first-ever trophy at Little Spain when he came from behind to beat club stalwart Geoff Tipper 21-10 in the non-winners’ trophy final.

The mixed pairs final was exciting as Chris Lankshear and John Ballinger defeated Barbara Bond and Iain Mayzes 19-14.

It was an excellent two days of finals played in wonderful spirit, well supported by the Little Spain members, the public and visitors from other clubs.

Little Spain members guests played for the Mary Clench Trophy.

Jack Sutherland and Iain Mayzes emerged as winners and it was good to see Mary’s son Graham and his wife Dot in attendance to join the play and present the trophy.

One sad piece of news on the day came when Frank Angel called to say his wife Doris had died. Frank and Doris were club members for many years.

Little Spain visited Arundel and recorded a 101-65 victory.

Scores (Little Spain names first): Geoff Tipper, Val Palmer and Archie Coletta (skip) won 26-8 against Keith Hope, Margaret Beech and Audrey Oliver (skip); Chris Bond, Chris Lankshear and Peter Armsby (s) won 16-12 against Val Stevens, Terry Frooms and Mark Stephens (s); Heather Saharaee, John Ballinger and Jim Lankshear (s) won 20-14 against Jean Foster, Brian Kendrick and Brian Heal (s); Jack Sutherland, Barbara Bond and Iain Mayzes (s) won 24-15 against Sue Watson, Richard Ballard and Chris Hill (s); Ken Ambrose, Sylvia Ballinger and Trevor Palmer (s) lost 15-16 to Dennis Stevens, Don Foster and Pat Vinten (s).


West Dean 68 Southbourne 22

West Dean were comfortable winners against Southbourne by 46 shots.

Scores: Pam Patterson, David Turner, Tony Boxall [s] won 17-6; Chris Warrington, Ian Morrison, John Butterworth [s] won 27-9; Ann Hiscock, Bob Holman, Phil. Muggeridge [s] won 24-7.

West Dean 61 Graffham 36

This was the last home match of the outdoor season for West Dean, who won by 25 shots.

Scores: Ian Morrison, Bob Holman, Tony Boxall [s] won 28-8; Pam Patterson, David Turner, Phil. Muggeridge [s] won 17-16; Chris Warrington, John Jones, John Butterworth [s] won 16-12.


Thanks to eight points from 12 in their past two matches, Middleton ladies are knocking on the door of promotion from division two of the C&M League. But Middleton’s last two matches are away from home and against two other strong promotion contenders.

Middleton 46 Aldingbourne 17

Middleton picked up all the points in this C&M match.

Scores: Jane Nurse, Pat Eccles, Valerie Maher, Rosemary Gregory won 29-5; Sonia Denny, Linda Hills, Ann Steventon, Mary Wootten won 17-12. Middleton 6pts. Friendly: Heather Kempson, Pam Leach, Muriel Fox won 16-13.

Middleton 35 Worthing Pavilion 39

The outcome of this match came down to a last end, with Worthing taking victory but Middleton grabbing two points.

Scores: Sonia Denny, Pat Mitchell, Ann Steventon, Mary Wootten lost 24-13; Jane Nurse, Pat Eccles, Val Maher, Rosemary Gregory won 22-15. Middleton 2pts, Worthing Pavilion 4pts.

Thanks to two victories, Middleton men moved up to mid-table in division three in the West Sussex League.

Middleton 82 Norfolk B 74

Scores: Peter Hall, David Wilkins, Jim Maher, John Wilson won 18-12; Ken Walker, Terry Bridge, Ian Hart, Bob Colvin lost 28-13; Barry Denny, Bryan Kingswell, Trevor Finch, Andrew Nurse won 23-20; Chopsie Chapman, Ken Baker, Roy Kempson, Gary Steventon won 28-14

Middleton 8pts. Norfolk B 2 points

Middleton 85 East Preston 71

Scores: Barry Denny, Bryan Kingswell, Trevor Finch, Andrew Nurse drew 18-18; Chopsie Chapman, Jim Maher, Roy Kempson, Gary Steventon won 24-21; Peter Hall, Bob Bravington, John Graham, John Wilson won 23-13; Terry Bridge, Keith Berkeley, Ian Hart, Bob Colvin won 20-19. Middleton 9pts, EP 1pt.

Middleton 32 Fishbourne 35

Middleton were beaten in this BM League mixed fixture.

Scores: Valerie Maher, Ian Hart, Andrew Nurse lost 19-18; Pat Eccles, Roy Kempson, Rosemary Gregory lost 16-14. Fishbourne 6pts. Friendly: Pat Mitchell, Angela Chandler, Jim Maher lost 20-16.


Bognor A played East Preston and won 110-65 scoring eight points.

Scores: K Hellyer, G Stevens, J Whitfield, A Richardson won 21-14; M Conolly, J Christensen, D Ford, T Sayers lost 27-24; T Arnold, D Parker, S Soames, T Moore won 42-10; D Jackson, P Lichfield, N Waddock, R Gardner won 23-14.

Bognor A played Southbourne and won 102-51, scoring all ten points.

Scores: D Jackson, P Litchfield, N Waddock, R Gardner won 30-8; K Hellyer, G Stevens, J Whitfield, A Richardson won 24-11; T Arnold, K Taylor, S Soames, T Moore won 24-16; M Conolly, J Christensen, D Ford, T Sayers won 24-16.

Bognor B played Worthing Pavilion B and lost 98-74 scoring two points.

Scores: R Lincoln, G Kendall, N Hatfield, L Hall won 23-16; G Dunham, B Fitch, B Hey, T Rexstrew lost 32-12; B Stabler, D Wells, K Graham, T Gaskin lost 30-23; A Lewis, R Phillips, N Burchfell, R Robinson lost 20-16.

Bognor ladies played Crablands in the C&M League, with Barbara Reardon’s team scoring a hotshot, and won 48-31 scoring six points.

Scores: Jean Taylor, Beryl Charlesworth, Janet Whitfield, Barbara Reardon won 25-14; Christine Dunham, Edna Keywood, Penny Jones, Anne Parry won 23-17.

Against Chichester, Bognor ladies lost 57-22 with Chichester scoring all six points.


A ladies’ two-rink C&M League match against Chichester resulted in a 47-20 defeat.

Scores: J Wells, K Ruffell, J Warner, S Stocker lost 17-16; A Burrell, A Calvert, J Cowley, E Shine lost 30-4.

A men’s league game versus Arundel was won by Pagham, who took eight points.

Scores: C Stone, P Burrell, R Hilder, P Mayoss lost 20-15; G Cutts, J Burke, J Fox, R Dear won 24-13; K Robini, K Ruffell, M Adams, T Tack won 22-15; R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English won 24-21.

A four-rink men’s league match against Witterings was won 90-61 for another eight points to pagham.

Scores: R Pearson, B Smith, K Ruffell, M English won 30-10; K Robini, J Cowley, M Adams, T Tack lost 24-17; C Stone, B Sales, G Cutts, R Dear won 20-17; P Langridge, P Burrell, R Hilder, P Mayoss won 23-10.

Three triples played in the semi-final of the Holbrook Cup versus Haslemere and had a very exciting finish.

With one end to play Haslemere were one shot up and Pagham required two shots to win the match. After Pagham’s last shot they were holding the two shots with only one wood to come from the opposition. Their skip played an unbelievable shot through short woods to get one shot for a two-shot win.


Headley B 55 Midhurst B 49

Midhurst B completed their Three Counties League season at Headley losing by six shots, winning on just one rink.

Scores: Peter Moller, Howard Seymour & Phil Kingswell won 21-15; Sue Ralph, Roy Ralph & Phil Wells lost 19-15; Stella Tait, Richard Softly & Stewart Largan lost 21-15.

Headley 56 Midhurst 59

In a friendly at Headley, Midhurst won overall by three shots winning on just one of the four rinks.

Scores: Jack Jurado, Dot Berry & Gerald Dixon won 21-12; Stella Tait, Alan Ricketts & Phil Wells lost 15-13; Margery Hayward, P Miller & Terry Berry lost 13-12; Delphine Clark, Catherine Dixon & Phil Kingswell lost 16-13.


Petworth continued their push for promotion from division three of the West Sussex League with a convincing 96-66 and 8-2 points victory at home to fellow promotion contenders Chichester B. The win takes them to 74 points, one point behind Chichester in the second promotion place with two games to go.

Scores: Peter Miles, Barry Stanton, Richard Stevens and Mick Monk won 25-21; Kevin Mitchell, Roger Lucking, Jim Palmer and Bob Murray won 28-8; Selwyn Hall, Nigel Flynn, Mick Booth and Alan Potter won 26-17; Stan Enticknap, Ron Elliott, David Mustard and Bob Turner lost 20-17.


Arun IBC have played some friendly matches, starting with a visit to Crawley to face Grattons, who beat them 124-97.

Scores: J Boucher, M Winter, B Arnell, C Gilham won 26-12; G King, E Lawrence, D Young, A Stewart lost 25-14; A Payne, P Till, P Buckland, E West lost 19-18; J Sparrow, T Arnell, R Wiedenheoft, M Richards lost 23-9; J Simmons, D Wright, T Gibney, A Hunt won 22-21; S Simmonds, K Young, J Greenfield, A Anderson 24-8.

Arun also played Worthing IBC and won 95-90.

Scores: D Champion, G Debenham, T Gibney, C Gilham lost 22-13; I Brooker, C Hillier, P Buckland, J Newell won 22-14; J Sparrow, J Herdman, D Wright, M Richards lost 19-17; A Payne, M Winter, J Greenfield, A Anderson won 25-19; T Jennings, S Simmonds, B Williams, D Young lost 21-13.

Arun IBC’s latest ladies versus gents match ended in a 122-77 win for the ladies.

Scores: A Payne, M Winter, E Hall won 19-14; S Simmonds, B Williams, P Buckland won 19-17; J Simmons, J Boucher, M Richards won 20-12; C Hillier, P Smith, R Smith won 18-12; D Green, D Collyer, E Lawrence won 25-9; J Foster, K Young, B Lawson won 21-13.

There are not many more games until the start of the indoor winter season at Arun, but visitors are welcome to pop in and have a look at the noticeboard to see what’s happening.

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