Bognor boys delighted to welcome New Zealand rugby tourists

Bognor and their visitors
Bognor and their visitors

New Zealand’s Tamaki Rugby Academy paid two visits to Bognor RFC as part of their European tour.

On the first evening they faced Bognor’s under-12 side and thr second saw them up against the under-11s.

Both evenings saw a fantastic display of ability from the visitors, a team who top their New Zealand League and whose team contained four international under-12 Tonga players.

Bognor minis chairman Doug Millen said: “It was truly inspirational for our teams to experience the skill set of these Southern Hemisphere players.

“It has really shown them what they can achieve if they dedicate themselves to their sport and work hard.

“The Bognor teams realise the visitors are of a similar age and it is hard work that’s got them where they are.”

Mike Henry, Tamaki coach, said: “It was a pleasure to visit such a friendly club and they are welcome to visit us at home whenever they like.

“The Bognor teams showed great spirit and ability and we will be taking away lessons learned when we visit Paris. My lasting memory of our tour will be of the post-match clubhouse games, hospitality and the Bognor under-11 Tamaki haka “

As for Bognor, the NZ tour fundraising starts here...