Bowls: Highs and lows for Arun in Sussex League

There’s news from Arun, Lavant, Donnington, Midhurst, Nyetimber and Hunston in our latest round-up from the indoor bowls scene.

Sunday, 18th January 2015, 2:58 pm
Some of Lavant's bowlers at a festive get-together

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Grattons 117 Arun 113

Arun travelled to Grattons for the first of two Sussex League games in two days.

Six teams met at Arun IBC to leave in time for the 2.15pm start in Crawley. Hats off to club Captain Barry Sanford for getting a team together after eight members dropped out with flu.

With the acquaintances renewed among the home club members, the game got off to a promising start with five Arun teams winning the first end – before Grattons did the same on the second end. Only four shots separated the two teams at the end of the match.

Grattons got the five points for the win and another four points for winning on four rinks. Arun took two points.

Scores: D Jackson, P Phillips, G Herrington, P Hannam won 26-15; B Rebbeck, V May, J Davis, E Pidgeon lost 17-13; B Daley, M Johnston, A Anderson, M Bonnar lost 21-19; C Giulham, J Gilpin, C Burnard, L Corne lost 25-18; K Hellyer, J Fox, B Sanford, T Sayers lost 21-18; P Hamnett, M Campbell, R Gardner, B Butler won 19-18.

Arun 133 Eastbourne 111

The next day, Arun entertained Eastbourne. Arun took control and were not going to let this one slip.

Arun took the five points for the win and four points for wins on four rinks.

Scores: B Rebbeck, V May, J Davis, E Pidgeon won 31-18; T Arnold, G Leaman, B Butler won 26-20; B Daley, M Johnson, A Anderson, M Bonnar won 20-17; P Green, G Herrington, M Edgecock, T Sayers lost 20-16; C Gilham, B Sanford, R Gardner, L Corne won 26-13; D Jackson, D Parker, P Lillford, P Hannam lost 23-14.

Arun 124 Norfolk 91

Arun entertained Norfolk and it was enjoyed by all, with players from both sides knowing one another well.

Scores: D Green, A Latta, S Webster, B Sales won 21-17; M Carrol, P Daveport, G Finch, J Saunders lost 22-20; O Fidgon, B Lawson, C Chester, G Herrington won 28-15; J Brazier, T Finch, J Taffurelli, C Burnard won 19-14; J Smith, F Downing, T Dade, D Latter won 27-10; D Taffurelli, C Dunham, D Young, J Whetstone won 19-13.

Arun ladies hosted a friendly game against Sutton. A good game was played in a very friendly atmosphere, with Arun ladies winning on all rinks.

Scores: P Corkett, E Cooke, V Greenaway, J Taffurelli won 23-17; J Simmons, L Carthew, C Mayoss, G Conley won 21-19; J Foster, S Pickard, J Whitfield, C Horsley won 24-13; I Brooker, E Keywood, P Terry, M Richards won 20-6; D Mitchell, R Weidenheoft, M Portter, J Whetstone won 25-12; E Fitch, C Hillier, P Jones, D Latter won 19-10.

Four rinks of Arun Ladies played Adur in the national Yetton Trophy after reaching the last 32.

Two teams played at home and two played at Adur. This proved very exciting with the result not known until the last bowl had been delivered. Arun were two shots up going into the last end, but lost the game with a great bowl drawn for third shot by Linda Gray of Adur. Adur won 77-76 after 84 ends of bowls.

Scores: D Mitchell, B Collins, B Spicer, A Janman won 24-15; I Brooker, P Terry, S Stocker, G Conley lost 26-12; C Hobbs, M Phillips, S Miles, D Latter won 21-20; E Fitch, J Taffurelli, S Judd, M Richards won 20-17.


Lavant Blue suffered on the slow mats in their away match at Arundel.

On mat one, Blue took the first end with a single shot but were 17-1 down by end seven and lost the game by 23 shots.

Arundel took the first end on mat two and went on to win by 12 shots.

Scores: J Sharrod (skip), L Kneale, M Winter, J Lee lost 33-10; T Boxall (skip), B Wallsgrove, P Sharrod, J Conway lost 24-12.

Lavant Green hosted Crablands Bitterns in a return match. On both mats Bitterns won 13 of the 21 ends and with good scoring won by comfortable margins. The friendly was well won by Lavant.

Scores: B Cooper (skip), C Beardmore, C Martin, P Lee lost 24-17; S Meyer (skip), A Ballantyne, Y Squires, W Cooper lost 29-12; (friendly) P Whale (skip), P Winter, R Peirce, J Conway won 35-9.

Lavant Red took on The Martlets at home. There were two games in which every end was a real battle.

The Martlets ‘play was the more consistent and a better scoring rate gave them a good win. The friendly also went to Martlets.

Scores: P Winter (skip), D May, R Peirce, J Simms lost 22-10; P Whale (skip), P Beardmore, T Bleach, R Harding lost 20-12; (friendly): T Boxall (skip), B Wallsgrove, S Lillywhite, Y Squires lost 28-12.


Donnington 39 Hunston 29

Donnington pulled away on both mats but saw their lead deminishing in the second half with Donnington going into the last end on mat two with a one-shot lead and finally winning by three shots. They won by seven shots on mat one.

Playing for Donnington were M Maggs, C White, W Dean, A Banham, A Hulbert, C Hulbert, P Skinner and B Taylor.

Donnington 56 Chilgrove 16

In a triples match, Donnington won on both mats.

Scores: I Taylor, P Skinner, A Banham won 22-10; S Baverstock, C Hulbert, P Whale won 34-6.


Midhurst Eagles played their first game of 2015 away to Liphook. One mat lost by nine shots but the second won by 13 to give Midhurst

the match.

Scores: L Stevens, A Stevens, D Berry, T Berry lost 21-12; S Tate, D Clark, S Weeks, R Weeks won 28-15

At Pulborough, Midhurst won on two mats and drew on the third, giving Midhurst the match 70-39.

Scores: A Carn, B Osbourne, B Fallows, T Berry won 37-7; S Glazebrook, D Clark, L Mercer, R Carn won 17-16; L Stevens, D Berry, S Weeks, R Weeks drew 16-16.


Nyetimber Golds visited Southbourne Rovers and took four points from a 40-35 victory.

Scores: Alan Crew, Carol Sands, Irene Hathaway, Alke Booker won 18-11; Stella Singleton, Michael Biggs, Nigel Plummer, Barbara Crew lost 24-22.


The club had an enjoyable game at Fittleworth despite a 61-40 defeat.

Scores: D Greenfield, P Guyatt, A Hack lost 18-14; T Hack, P Harle lost 18-11; C Butler, A Harle, S Clay lost 25-15.