Chisanga aiming for a big 2018 in boxing ring

Chichester's Mwenya Chisanga is relishing the challenges next year will bring.

Wednesday, 13th December 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:36 am
Mwenya Chisanga / Picture by Natalie Mayhew

The 24-year-old lost his most recent fight, against Joe Fitzpatrick in Belfast, and admits he was disappointed not to last the full fight against the Northern Irishman.

Chisanga, who used to train at St Gerard’s Boxing Club in Chichester before switching to Michael Ballingall’s stable, accepted the Belfast fight knowing there was a lot to fight for, in that he could get crucial sponsorships deals and have his fights televised.

Chisanga said: “I walked away with my head held high because I knew the guy I was fighting with was very polished and a very accomplished fighter.

“I struggled in the first round, then I just remembered how hard I have trained. I gave him a difficult fight in the rest of the rounds, and I put up a good fight against him, and I did’t walk away discouraged.”

The super lightweight was very happy to be fighting at the SSE Arena, despite a small crowd. Chisanga said: “I was very happy to experience being in that big ring, and a big stadium as well.

“I do want to fill up a stadium myself just like that. We shout everything out, we shout the crowd out, as we walk out into the ring, so I have the confidence into doing that for a larger crowd next time.”

The Brit has been training with Ballingall for more than half a year and has acquired a lot from the trainer, based in Portsmouth. Chisanga said: “I have learnt a lot from Michael. The main thing I have learnt is discipline and I do train with him one-on-one.”

Chisanga made a return to the professional sport in September when he defeated Jonny Phillips on points. It was his first professional fight in just over two years.

Chisanga is still training hard so he can keep healthy for 2018 as he wants to challenge himself, but it has been difficult for him so far. Chisanga said: “Not many promoters want me to fight their fighters because they don’t want to risk losing.

“So the only way I would get a good fight is to fight somebody who is looking for a good fight, and the guys that are looking for a good fight are usually gold medallists.”

Chisanga is hoping for new sponsors to help continue his boxing career, and hopefully give him bigger fights. He is in ongoing talks with a sponsor, and if it’s successful, this will lead Mwenya into going full-time.

Next year will be crucial for Chisanga, with the prospect of bigger fights and maybe a chance for us to see him live on the big screen.