Chichester ladies are county champs... Pagham miss out in Midhurst Cup final

We have news from Chichester, Witterings, Southbourne, Crablands, West Dean, Middleton, Pagham, RAFA, Bognor, Petworth and Midhurst in our latest comprehensive round-up from around the bowls clubs.

Wednesday, 15th August 2018, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 8:21 pm
Pagham's bowlers at the Midhurst Cup final

Chichester ladies are the County Double Rink champions after playing against Polegrove from East Sussex in a very closely fought final played at Horsham resulting in a ten shot overall win.Scores: Chris Hobbs, Debbie Hogg, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer won 21-10; Bridget Collins, Steph Baverstock, Sue Miles & Denise Latter lost 19-20.Chris Hobbs, Debbie Hogg, Wendy Adams and Betty Spicer are through to the semi-final of the Gladys Rowland Trophy after a comfortable ten-shot win against Henfield, and will now play against Uckfield.Pulborough 28 Chichester 31Playingat Pulborough in the BM Mixed League, Chichester won on one rink and lost on the other taking four points for the overall win.Scores: Stewart Meyer, Betty Spicer & Peter Whale won 21-15; Mike Davis, Sue Miles & Mike Bayfield lost 10-13.Chichester 125 Norfolk 43Holders Chichester cruised into the semi-finals of the PC Cup with a superb 82-shot victory against visitors Norfolk. Chichester will play at Maltravers for a place in the final.Scores: Ian Linfield, Mick Campbell, Peter Green, Nick Anderson (skip) won 24-13; Peter Whale, Peter Howick, Derek Leach, Mick Page (skip) won 25-12; Kevin Ball, Guy Buckle, David Schofield, Gary Miller (skip) won 49-10; Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer, Brian Butler, Tony Sayers (skip) won 27-8.Chichester A 121 Bognor A 47Chichester A stormed to the top of the West Sussex League division one when they took all ten points at home to Bognor A.Scores: Ian Linfield, Mick Campbell, Peter Green, Nick Anderson (skip) won 22-19; Peter Whale, Peter Howick, Derek Leach, Mick Page (skip) won 26-7; Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer, Brian Butler, Tony Sayers (skip) won 36-7; Kevin Ball, David Schofield, Gary Miller, Jim Davis (skip) won 37-14.Chichester 70 Marine Gardens 89Chichester B faced a tough task when they played hosts to the unbeaten leaders of the West Sussex League division three. Marine Gardens won by 19 shots and Chichester picked up just two points.Scores: Tony Daines, Bernard Money, Peter Merritt, Chris Wade (skip) lost 30-9; Alan Deller, Stuart Wilson, Duncan Gray, Michael Hannant (skip) won 30-9; Glyn Ball, Charles Campling, Jim Neilson, Mike Bayfield (skip) lost 24-15; Paul Chivers, Mike Davis, Les Shipp, Peter White (skip) lost 26-16.Chichester A 31 Woodingdean 12Chichester B 21 Southwick 14Chichester have both teams in the semi finals of the Edward Rowland Memorial Trophy. In the quarter-finals their A team won by 19 shots at home to Woodingdean while their B team entertained Southwick and were triumphant by seven shots.Scores: A team: Peter Whale, David Schofield, Brian Butler, Jim Davis (skip) won 31-12;B team: Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer, Derek Leach, Nick Anderson (skip) won 21-14.

SOUTHBOURNE Chichester 102 Southbourne 66In an evening away to Chichester in the West Sussex League, Southbourne took two points with a win on the rink skipped by Antony Bull.Scores: Malcolm Keane, Peter Garrard, Titch Ayres, Pete Jasinski (s) lost 22:16; Paul Simpson, Mark Soper, Andy Smith, Antony Bull (s) won 24:17; Richard Galloway, Dave Alner, Dave Fewell, Paul Butler (s) lost 32:16; Colin Bulbeck, Rus Godfrey, Eddie Neuts, Dave Walter (s) lost 31:10.Bognor 85 Southbourne 86In the West Sussex League at Bognor, Southbourne won on two rinks and drew on the third. On the fourth rink the vagaries of the Bognor green were difficult to read but overall Southbourne took seven of the ten points awarded.Scores: Eddie Neuts, Alan Shelley, Jim Spivey, Dave Walter (s) lost 28:9; Malcolm Keane, Peter Garrard, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) won 29:21; Paul Simpson, Tich Ayres, Mark Soper, Andy Smith (s) won 28:16; Pete Jasinski. Steven Soper, Dave Fewell, Paul Butler (s) drew 20:20Southbourne 123 Worthing 48Southbourne had a very good result at home to Worthing with wins on all four rinks to take maximum points. Worthing iwere short of a full team on two rinks.Scores: Richard Galloway, Colin Bulbeck, Mark Soper, Andy Smith (s) won 35:7; Peter Garrard, Ted Badger, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) won 21:19; Pete Jasinski, Alan Shelley, Dave Fewell, Paul Butler (s) won 42:6; Malcolm Keane, Jim Spivey, Eddie Neuts, Dave Walter (s) won 25:16.

CRABLANDSCrablands played at Little Spain in cooler weather. In an extremely close match Crablands won 73-72.Scores: Gill Oliver, Peter Farrow and Mollie Back won 20-8; Dave White, Chris Lewendon and Sheila Jones won 17-12; Cheryl Brown, Keith Palin and Nigel Reynolds lost 13-14; Mary Andrews, Melva Bateman and Lew Lewendon lost 14-20; Sue White, Pat Osborn and Frank Carrie lost 9-18.The GS&M League match at Worthing Pavilion ended in a defeat and no points.Elaine Sadler, Grace Humphreys, Joan Adams and Sue Blyth and Chris Lewendon, Melva Bateman, Val Foyle and Sheila Jones made up the team.A Brooks Motors League match at home to Middleton saw Crablands lose 30-38 and take two points.Scores: Chris Lewendon, Mollie Back and John Cornwell won 22-16; Jim Saunders, Joan Adams and Rod Shambrook lost 8-22; (friendly): Lil Tuck, Maggie Brand and Frank Carrie won 12-11.Crablands men fared better in the WS League match at home against East Preston, winning 8-2 and 79-70. This puts Crablands in a strong position to challenge for promotion. Scores: Nigel Crump, Albert Reynolds, Keith Bailey and Derek Clacey won 26-18; Cyril Pestle, Peter Blackman, John Cornwell and Mark Heasman won 22-17; Keith Palin, Lew Lewendon, Tony Dade and Ian Ford won 18-13; Nigel Reynolds, Alan Blyth, Tony Hanlon and Alan Bateman lost 13-22.Twenty-four bowlers plus oneupporter made the trip to Hook in Hampshire for a lovely game which Crablands won 5-1 in rinks on a hot afternoon. Crablands’ finals Weekend is approaching – Sheila Jones is through in the ladies’ singles and Richard Humphrey in the men’s singles.

WITTERINGSWitterings 85 Chichester 51Witterings had a good win in a friendly against Chichester. Scores: Mark White, Chris Horsley, and Fred Knotts (S) beat Peter Hague, Chris Corbett, Tony Daines (s) 27-11, Geoff Harsant, Eric Shoyer and Ray Stephens (S) beat Alan Deller, Richard New, Paul Chivers (s) 17-15, Sheila Currell, Chris Jelf and Gwilym Morgan (S) beat Graham Fisher, Charles Campling, Peter Doust (s) 18-13, Brian Barnes, Diane Leach and Carole Tuffin (S) beat Lis Campling, Mike Davis, Duncan Gray (s) 23-12.Witterings 38 Storrington 28 Witterings recorded a ten-shot win in the BM League.Scores: J Mulligan B Barnes, G Morgan (s) lost 18-19; G Dobson S Hooker, C Tuffin (s) won 20-9. Wittering 4pts, Storrington 2pts.Witterings 46 Temple Fortune 68Bowlers from the Temple Fortune club travelled from Surrey for a four-triples friendly.They won on three of the four rinks.Scores: David Gibbons Maureen Mulligan Lindsay Bangs (s) won 15-13; Susan Hogarth Chris Horsley, John Langworthly (s) lost 12-17; Sue Dobson Jackie Clapton, Alan Somerville (s) lost 11-17; Brian Barnes Diane Leach, Dave Bell (s) lost 8-21.

WEST DEANWest Dean 41 Stedham 58Stedham were the overall winners, by 17 shots, of a friendly played in West Dean Gardens. West Dean won on one rink, Stedham on the other two.Scores: Philip Rawcliffe, John Butterworth, Phil Muggeridge [s] won 18-16; Pam Patterson, John Jones, Jim Sharrod [s] lost 10-17; Ian Morrison, Ann Hiscock, Tony Boxall [s] lost 13-25.

MIDDLETONThe weekend witnessed three days of intense knockout competition to determine which teams will play in the trips final next month.In the semi-finals, Bob Colvin, Iris Newton and John Green booked their place in the final by beating Barry Denny, Roslyn Green and Peter Hall while Gary Steventon, Judy Ludley and Peter Lush did likewise in beating Jim Delaney, Keith Berkley and Angela Chandler. Crablands 30 Middleton 38Middleton kept alive their hopes of gaining promotion from division two of the Brooks Motors League, picking up four points against Crablands.Scores: Pat Eccles, Peter Lush, Andrew Nurse won 22-8; Sandra Denny, Sheila Currall, Bob Colvin lost 16-22. Middleton 4pts, Crablands 2pts. Friendly: Irene Ormsby, Robert Ormsby, J Ludley lost 11-12.Middleton 89 Maltravers 77Middleton maintained their position in the top half of division three of the West Sussex League. With two matches left to play, Middleton have a chance of overhauling second-placed Chichester to gain promotion.Scores: Jim Delaney, Peter Lush, John Graham, John Wilson lost 16-27; Chopsie Chapman, Ian Hart, Roger Phillips, Gary Steventon won 21-10; Terry Bridge, Ken Baker, Jim Maher, Bob Colvin won 28-16; Barry Denny, Eddie Pearce, Trevor Finch, Andrew Nurse drew 24-24. Middleton 7pts Maltravers 3pts.

PAGHAMFour mixed triples travelled to Midhurst for the Midhurst Cup final but went down 81-60 to Rowledge.The team played well in very hot conditions but could not bring home the cup again.Scores: A Burrell, P Burrell, R Dear lost 10-15; H Dear, R Pearson, M English won 18-7; T Wells, C Mayoss, P Mayoss lost 18-28; T Plows, J Wells, M Adams lost 14-21.Four Pagham rinks played East Preston in the men’s league but lost 74-66 and took four points.Scores: B Calvert, B Mumford, D Westcott, K Robini won 17-12; D Cripp, N Terry, T Hayes, R Hilder lost 18-20; P Wakeford, B Smith, D Vaughan, R Read won 17-14; C Stone, J Jones, J Stocker, G Cutts lost 14-28.Three mixed triples played in the second round of the Holbrook Cup against Graffham and won 54-46.Scores: B Smith, D Westcott, M English won 20-12; P Langridge, S Stocker, G Conley won 23-19; P Burrell, D Vaughan, M Adams lost 15-19.

BOGNORBognor men’s B team visited East Preston A in the West Sussex League division two. They won on two rinks but lost 87-80 scoring four league points.Scores: N Burchfell, S Webster, P Hasler, J Blacow 20-17; N Short, B Smith, K Graham, T Gaskin 17-21; B Stabler, M. Bird, R Osment, B Hey 25-21; G Cook, D Wells, G Kendall, D Matkins 18-28.Bognor ladies played Norfolk in the Game, Set & Match League. They won on one rink and overall by 42-37, scoring four league points.Scores: L Saunders, B Charlesworth, A Parry, M Phillips 17-25; C Dunham, H Down, B Reardon, J Gibson 25-12.Bognor men’s B team played Crablands in the West Sussex League division two. They won on two rinks and scored six league points.Scores: G Cook, D Wells, G Kendall, D Matkins 30-11; N Short, B Smith, K Graham, T Gaskin 16-21; N Burchfell, S Webster, P Hasler, J Blacow 16-20; A Lewis, J Parry, R Osment, M Philpott 19-17.There was a good result for Bognor B against Arundel, scoring ten league points.Scores: G Cook, D Wells, G Kendall, B Hey 23-16; M Bird, S Webster, T Rexstrew, M Philpott 26-13; N Burchfell, P Hasler, A Hall, J Blacow 20-15; A Lewis, B Smith, K Graham, T Gaskin 31-15.Against Goring Manor, Bognor B won on one rink but with an overall loss of 80-73, Bognor scored two league points.Scores: B Stabler, J Parry, ROsment, M Philpott 16-17; N Short, B Smith, K Graham, B Hey 15-32; N Burchfell, S Webter, P Hasler, J Blacow 25-10; G Cook, D Wells, G Kendall, D Matkins 17-21.

RAFAOn a glorious sunny afternoon, 22 teams met to bowl at Waterloo Square in the annual Jim Lorimer Wings Appeal open organised by RAFA 381 Bowls section and sponsored by Kevin Holland Funeral Services.A round-robin format of four games of six ends resulted in a win for The Lollipops – Shirley Kitchen, Janet Fulbrook and Kate Hopkins – regaining the title previously won in 2014. They were closely followed by The Forgetfuls, Geoff Cook, Jenny Gibson and Alan Charlesworth. Third place was taken by The Misfits, Barbara Reardon, Trevor Moore and Beryl Charlesworth.RAF 100 Wings Appeal badges were awarded to the winners and those who would otherwise have received the wooden spoon.The presentation of the Jim Lorimer Cup and individual prizes was made by life vice president Irene Lorimer, whose husband was a founder member of the bowls section and who is remembered at this annual event.A fantastic raffle, RAFA teddies and a whisky raffle all contributed to the funds raised for the Wings appeal and thanks were given to the sponsors, participants, helpers and many local businesses for their support in supplying a wonderful range of raffle prizes.A cheque for £589 will be presented to the Wings officer Marion Mewett at the Wings dance in September.

MIDHURSTMidhurst A 47 (4pts) Alton A 41 (1pt)Midhurst A got back to winning ways with a six-shot victory against Alton and maintaining top place in division one of the Three Counties League.Scores: Annie Chuter, Bob Butterfield & Gerald Dixon lost 14-21; Malcolm Hutchings, Catherine Dixon & Dave King won 15-9; Dot Berry, Terry Berry & Paul Chuter won 18-11.Hindhead A 48 (2pts) Midhurst B 48 (3pts)Midhurst B won on two rinks, but drew their division-four match away to Hindhead A – but maintain their top spot.Scores: Sue Ralph, Phil Kingswell & Phil Wells lost 11-20; Howard Seymour, Colin Downham & Roy Ralph won 21-14; Alan Ricketts, Richard Softly & Stuart Largan won 16-14.In the semi-final of the Petersfield Cup, Midhurst beat Headley by 26 shots.Scores: Rinks, Dot Berry, Bob Butterfield, John Pearce & Terry Berry won 21-20; Triples, Annie Chuter, Dave King & Gerald Dixon won 22-10; Pairs, Catherine Dixon & Paul Chuter won 27-14.Mishurst face Rogate in the final at Petersfield on Sunday, September 2.Rowledge 81 Pagham 60.Rowledge won the Midhurst Cup final, winning on three rinks to Pagham’s one.It was played on a very hot afternoon in front of a good crowd of supporters from both clubs and neutrals.The cup was presented to Rowledge captain Ken Wickenden by Richard Manning, landlord of the White Horse Inn at Easebourne, who sponsored the competition, together with club president and organiser Howard Seymour.

PETWORTHPetworth enjoyed a busy and successful week. The mixed team took two more 6-0 wins, over Middleton and Aldingbourne in the Brooks Motors League, taking them to the top of the table and virtually ensuring promotion to division one. The men’s team lost at Storrington and two more friendlies resulted in wins on all rinks against Fittleworth and an enjoyable afternoon as always against the West Sussex Tourists. Scores: v Middleton, home: Selwyn Hall, Lorraine Berry and Mick Monk won 34-9; Carol Hall, Richard Stevens and Bob Turner won 35-8.v Aldingbourne, home: Selwyn Hall, Kathy Williams and David Luxford won 19-14; Carol Hall, Monica Enticknap and Bob Turner won 28-11; (friendly) Jim Dormer, Stan Enticknap and Barry Stanton lost 11-26.v Storrington, away: Les Martin, Nigel Flynn, David Luxford and Mick Monk lost 14-29; Stan Enticknap, Sid Haimes, Mick Booth and Alan Potter lost 12-31; Selwyn Hall, Barry Stanton, Jim Palmer and Bob Turner won 23-21; Peter Miles, Richard Stevens, David Mustard and Marc Lancaster lost 26-16.v Fittlworth, home: Selwyn Hall, Les Martin and Marc Lancaster won 26-11; Carol Hall, Stan Enticknap and Bob Turner won 16-14; Jeanne Brown, Nigel Flynn and Jim Palmer won 22-15; Jim Dormer, Barry Stanton and Mick Booth won 20-14.v West Sussex Tourists, home: Stan Enticknap, Dan Butler and Mick Monk lost 12-16; Jeanne Brown, Barry Stanton and Jim Palmer won 15-14; Jim Dormer, Selwyn Hall and Kevin Mitchell lost 15-27; Monica Enticknap, Nigel Flynn and David Luxford lost 12-26; Carol Hall, Mick Booth and Bob Turner lost 11-30.