Crablands hail a victory over Vale ... Chichester have the last Luff

The outdoor bowls season is coming to an end but there are plenty of matches and special occasions to report in our latest weekly round-up.

Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 3:00 pm
Some of the prize roll-up gang at Crablands

CRABLANDSA match against Severn Vale’s touring team from Bristol saw Crablands win 97-72.Scores: Jim Tyrrell, Joan Taylor, Val Tyrrell and John Cornwell won 23-5; Cyril Pestle, Dave White, Chris Lewendon and Ian Ford won 23-10; Richard Green, Grace Humphreys, Val Foyle and Nigel Reynolds won 17-14; Mary Andrews, Albert Humphreys, Keith Palin and Carol Bowles won 15-13; Lil Tuck, Carole Cornwell, Peter Blackman and Alan Blyth lost 10-14; Sue White, Jo Green, Lew Lewendon and Sue Blyth lost 9-16.A ladies’ friendly at home to Maltravers Ladies saw Crablands win 71-29.Scores: Hilary Cooper, Val Foyle and Sheila Jones won 34-9; Pat Osborn, Chris Lewendon and Sue Blyth won 24-5; Sylvia Gray, Melva Bateman and Mollie Back lost 13-15.A friendly at home against Marine Gardens of Worthing saw Crablands lose 63-79.Scores: Keith Palin, Lil Tuck, Val Foyle and John Cornwell won 22-17; Graham Ainge, Joan Taylor, Carole Cornwell and Lew Lewendon lost 15-17; Sarah Fewster, Cyril Pestle, Mollie Back and Alan Blyth lost 13-21; Nigel Reynolds, Dave White, Chris Lewendon and Carol Bowles lost 13-24.In a Crablands ladies versus gents annual friendly, the gentlemen came out on top with a score of 78-26.Scores: Cheryl Brown, Chris Lewendon and Carol Bowles won 18-14 against Graham Ainge, Dave Bowles and Richard Humphrey; Sarah Fewster, Ian Ford (honorary lady) and Maggie Brand drew 18-18 with Dave White, Peter Blackman and Rod Shambrook; Lyn Carrie, Pat Osborn and Melva Bateman lost by just one shot (16-17) to Mike Lockyer, Keith Palin and Lew Lewendon; Carol Reynolds, Grace Humphreys and Val Foyle lost to Eddie Willcocks, Jim Tyrrell and Alan Bateman; Mary Andrews, Sylvia Gray and Mollie Back lost to Derrick Watson, Albert Humphreys and Nigel Reynolds; Sue White, Val Tyrrell and Carole Cornwell lost to Mike Smith, Nigel Crump and John Cornwell.The last game in Sue’s prize roll-up saw Keith Palin (leading throughout the season) pushed into second place and Alan Blyth pushed into third with Cheryl Brown holding on to fouth place. Powering into the lead was Mike Lockyer. Barbara Chandler, Mike Smith and Eddie Willcocks all did well.Division four of the VPs League, in which many Crablands men play, won both the Pullen Cup and the Billingham League this year, the Billingham for the eighth time in a row and the Pullen for the fifth time in six.At the West Sussex League Finals Day, Crablands collected the Storrington Cup and glass trophy for being runners up in division two.In addition Crablands won the 2018 Sportsmanship Award, voted on by all clubs for the club which they feel offered the most sporting approach, were the most welcoming and the most supportive to league members.

CHICHESTERMaltravers 84 Chichester 62Chichester were two shots ahead halfway through but Maltravers had the better of the remainder of the game and Chichester lost by 22 shots.Scores: Peter Hague, Stuart Wilson, Tony Daines, Chris Wade (skip) won 21-18; Frances Downing, Graham Fisher, Kevin Ball, Sue Miles (skip) lost 20-19; Richard New, Bernard Money, Jim Neilson, Peter Whale (skip) lost 21-16; Glyn Ball, Mike Davis, Mercedes Neilson, Peter Merritt (skip) lost 25-6.Chichester 126 Cosham 40Chichester entertained Cosham in their annual match for the Barry Luff Trophy. Chichester led from the start and retained the trophy with an 86-shot victory.Scores: Duncan Gray, Kevin Ball, David Schofield (skip) won 22-9; Les Shipp, Brian Talmage, Stuart Meyer (skip) won 19-14; Les Etherington, Peter White, Tony Sayers (skip) won 33-6; John Walters, Peter Merritt, Mike Bayfield (skip) won 22-8; Guy Buckle, Derek Leach, Mick Page (skip) won 30-3.

SOUTHBOURNELockswood 37 Southbourne 74Southbourne 76 v Lockswood 29 For their last two friendlies of the season Southbourne met Lockswood away and home. At Lockswood, Southbourne had easy wins on two of the triples but lost on the third. In the return home match, Southbourne won on all three triples. Both matches were very enjoyable and were followed by excellent teas. Results: away - Jim Spivey, Len Mates, Margaret Odell (s) won 38:8; Kathy Shelley, Jim Jennings, Dave Young (s) won 23:9; John Staker, Irene Jennings, Peter Garrard (s) lost 20:13; Mary Thornton, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) won 29:13; Ted Badger, Irene Jennings, Dave Young (s), won 26:6; John Staker, Alan Shelley Peter Garrard (s) won 21:10; picSouthbourne finished their summer season with their annual club triples competition. There was the usual excellent turnout for the event. Eight teams were split into two pools of four. In the final, Rus Godfrey, Paul Simpson and Antony Bull (skip) beat Audrey Bull, Colin Bulbeck and Mark Soper (skip), 10-3.* The winter season of outdoor bowling on Southbourne’s all-weather green will start on Monday, September 24, and continue on most Mondays and Fridays until March 2019. Bowlers of all abilities and from all local clubs are invited. Just turn up before 10am to get a game (£2.50 for non-members; tea or coffee and biscuits 30p). MIDDLETON Middleton 69 Sussex VPs 85Middleton welcomed the touring Sussex VPs for their annual match. One game was fought to a draw, while the VPs won two games and Middleton one.Scores: John Ludley, Ken Baker, Terry Bridge, Bob Colvin lost 13-25; Robert Ormsby, Peter Lush, John Graham, John Wilson won 23-18; Chopsie Chapman, Jeff Read, Roger Phillips, Jim Delaney drew 17-17; Phil James, Terry Matthews, Jim Maher, Andrew Nurse lost 16-25.The VPs match was played in warm sunshine, a distinct contrast to a friendly away to Bognor which ended in pouring rain. Middleton won the encounter on shots, but hardly anyone noticed as the players scurried off and headed for the tearoom.

MIDHURSTFor the final friendly match of the season, Midhurst visited Goring Manor but lost overall by 18 shots.Scores: Martin Ruinet, Michael DJ Smith & Colin Downham lost 10-18; Stella Taite, Diane Ruinet & Malcolm Hutchings lost 12-20; Jack Jurado, Phil Kingswell & Phil Wells won 13-11; Delphine Clark, Dot Berry & Dave King lost 16-20.The previously postponed John Sadler Cup competition was held in conjunction with the annual Captains’ barbecue. Thirty-two members took part playing in rinks. Each rink played three game of six ends with the skips keeping a running total. The winning rink comprised Peter Moller, Margorie Hayward, John Allen and Paul Chuter with a winning difference of 14 shots.The morning’s play concluded with a sumptuous barbecue.

PETWORTHPetworth held an excellent finals weekend. The bowling was competitive and of a high standard.Winners: Men’s Championship: Marc Lancaster; Ladies’ Championship: Monica Enticknap; Wright Cup: Marc Lancaster; Veterans: Kevin Mitchell; Two Woods: Carol Hall; Handicap: Marc Lancaster; Denman Cup: Dan Butler; The Plate: Selwyn Hall; Pairs: Jeanne Brown Marc Lancaster; Triples: Jeanne Brown, Selwyn Hall, Alan Potter.

INDOOR SCENEWest Sussex’s Premier and A teams opened their campaigns in the inter-county championship when they entertained East Sussex at Westergate. With weakened squads this season because of non-availability of a number of players, both teams were looking for a good start. The Premier team won 26-14 for a satisfactory but slightly disappointing start to the season. In the singles Infinity’s Chris Page won 21-6 and 20-9 while club-mate Jack Rollings won 23-11 and 14-10. In the pairs Infinity’s Robin Armstrong with Lavant’s Peter Whale won 12-6 and 20-10. In the triples Crablands’ Joyce Abel with The Martlets’ Malcolm Rollings lost 10-8 and 12-9 while in the other triple Lavant’s Jackie Lee lost 11-10 and won 16-14. In the fours Bognor’s Clive and Pam Andrews with The Martlets’ Monica Enticknap and Lavant’s Peter Winter won 12-11 and lost 15-10 and in the other four Southbourne’s Audrey Bull with Infinity’s Denise Kirby and Steve Jeffery lost 11-8 and won 7-6.The A team, with five players making their county debuts, had a very satisfactory win by 29-11. In the pairs Fittleworth’s Bernard Adsett won 23-4 and drew 13-13 while Crablands’ Elaine Sadler lost 15-9 and won 18-8. In the triples Fittleworth’s Simon Herbert, The Martlets’ David Luxford and Fittleworth’s Dave Herbert won 14-6 and 19-5 and in the other triple Bognor’s Betty Williams drew 9-9 and won 16-13. In the fours Fittleworth’s Jane Adsett and Sonia Burden with Crablands’ Mollie Back lost 10-5 and won 19-5 while in the other four Fittleworth’s Richard Burden with Clapham’s Norman Little, Bognor’s Marlene Steel and Ashington’s Allen Tolley lost 11-8 and 15-9.

LAVANTYou’ve hung up your bowling whites and polished your woods after the long, hot summer ... so now, how about trying short mat bowls?It’s indoors in the warm and gives the opportunity to meet up with old friends from the outdoor scene or even make new ones. Lavant’s membership secretary Peter Whale (01243 786477) or club secretary John Powell (01243 778161) would be pleased to hear from you, whether you are experienced or a new player. The club meet at Lavant Memorial Hall.