Best thing about Chichester City's FA Cup bye? They don't have to go to Sevenoaks on a Tuesday night!

Chi City coaches Danny Potter and Darin Killpartrick have told of their delight at the club's FA Cup heroics - and the remarkable bye they've been granted sstraight into the second round.

The pair are key men in the management team at Oaklands Park, supporting manager Miles Rutherford and assistant Graeme Gee as they plot success in the cup and league.

Danny Potter and Darin Killpartrick share a joke as they watch the FA Cup draw / Picture by Daniel Harker

Danny Potter and Darin Killpartrick share a joke as they watch the FA Cup draw / Picture by Daniel Harker

Both were in the disbelieving throng at Oaklands Park on Monday night watching the first round FA Cup draw in which City's ball number 71 was left in the machine - granting them automatic passage into round two, plus £36,000 round one prize money.

One plus for City is it means they are free to play their Isthmian south-east game at Sevenoaks on FA Cup first round weekend, November 9, which means they won't have to rearrange the long trek for a Tuesday night in the middle of winter.

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Potter said: “Getting to the fourth qualifying round in the first place was memorable, going the extra mile and getting to the first round was the icing on the cake.

“Now, well we have got a game on first round weekend - Sevenoaks away in the league! It means we don’t have to go there on a Tuesday night.

“As the number of teams left in the draw went down we knew we were either going to get a league game or get a bye. And then the last ball to get a game, No32, it wasn’t us. That’s when we knew."

Killpartrick added: “I’m not a gambling man but I’d never have thought of the bye. The journey continues - stay on the train, don’t get off!

“On a personal note, I’ve been beaten in the last game of the season by one goal or lost something by one point and I thought ‘is football ever going to give anything back?’ Now it has and it’s incredible for everyone, especially the community.

“Dan (Potter) said to me ‘if we get the bye...’ and I said ‘Dan, it ain’t happening.”

Killpartrick said the players had to enjoy the moment, but the team and staff now had to concentrate on other competitions they were in – chiefly their Isthmian south-east campaign, which resumes after a cup-enforced break of several weeks this Saturday with a trip to Hythe.

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