Bone Idle Gossip: Here’s your McPompey team - now for new challenges...

HELLO, Kobi here. Can you call me that from now on? (writes Steve Bone)

Wednesday, 28th January 2015, 4:33 pm
Kev McCormack is elected unopposed as the McPompey team's kitman Picture by Joe Pepler

I was christened ‘the King of Blues Irreverence’ (KOBI) by Jordan Cross in The News lasy week just because I occasionally (!) write about something a bit weird.

Actually, I think he meant King of Blues Irrelevance.

But in celebrating my new idea of coming up with Pompey ‘theme teams’, Mr Cross has kind of forced me to continue along the same lines for a week or two, or maybe a decade or two.

Also, having read the line ‘Bone, ever the romantic...’ in Neil Allen’s column in The News last season, I now just need a mention in Wilson’s Wisdom to get the full house and I can retire.

Meanwhile, back at the point, my latest challenge to you in the Pompey XIs stakes was to come up with a McPompey team.

Ant Coombes was one of those who had a go. It was: Dan McPhail, Tommy McGhee, Johnny McNeil, John McLaughlin, Albie McCann, Lloyd McGrath, Alan McLoughlin, James Mackie (Macs were allowed), Nigel McQuashie, Izale McLeod, Jimmy McAlinden. Manager was Bob McNab.

I like the inclusion of Nige, who did play for Scotland, but in the interests of accuracy we could replace him in midfield with one of Ant’s subs, Rhys McCabe.

Paul Mokler came up with a similar McLine-up and had Kev McCormack as a shoo-in as kitman.

Meanwhile, ideas for other themed teams come thick and fast, so this week’s homework, kids, is set by Pompey tweeters Scott Harris and Graham Dubber, who ask, respectively, for a Blues Baltic XI and a Southern Hemisphere team.

To avoid confusion, into the Baltic XI we will allow players from countries bordering the Baltic Sea - Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuanioa, Latvia and Poland. (My geography isn’t brilliant but I don’t think I’ll allow German and Danish players).

Email them to [email protected] or tweet @stevebone1 and we’ll keep this juggernaut on the highway for another week yet.