Chichester City management duo - We are more than just a pair of jokers

It's the double act that's done so much for Chichester City. Manager Miles Rutherford and assistant Graeme Gee have transformed the fortunes of the team in the four years they've been at Oaklands Park.

Thursday, 28th November 2019, 2:29 pm

Ahead of their biggest game yet, the biggest of their football careers in fact, the FA Cup tie at Tranmere on Sunday, Rutherford and Gee have been talking about how their relationship works for them and for the squad - and how well it's complemented by coaches Danny Potter and Darin Killpartrick who do some of the serious stuff.

Gee had suggested after Chi were given a first round bye in the Cup to go straight through to round two it was because Rutherford went to Hogwarts and learned the dark arts.

It's typical of Gee's humour - but as they looked forward to the Tranmere game Rutherford insisted he liked a smile and a laugh too.

Miles Rutherford and Graeme Gee, sat either side of Darin Killpartrick. share a joke / Picture by Kate Shemilt

Hear them talk about their double act in the interview above