Albion youngsters fly the flag on German tour

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Albion In The Community took youngsters from across Sussex to Germany to compete in the JVC Cuijk Boys’ Cup.

The Brighton set-up took four teams – two in the tens and 11s age group and two in the 12s and 13s.

Squads consisted of players from the club’s evening development centres at Worthing, Westergate and Billingshurst as well as some who had attended community courses.

The tens and 11s started day one very well, one team scoring 16 goals and the other 22.

One team qualified for the top group.

The 12s and 13s started equally as well, with both teams qualifying for the top group.

On day two, the tens and 11s were up against technically-excellent teams from Germany and Holland. They lost their first two games 1-0 and lost the final game 5-2, but stilled played in a positive attacking way to finish fourth out of 16 teams.

The second tens and 11s won their group, scoring 25 goals in three games to finish ninth out of 16 teams. The 12s and 13s finished third and fourth out of 16 teams in the top group.

For more information on the development centres email or call Dave Green on 07766 048482.