Darts: Misselbrook duo make rivals Pay in blind knockout

Blind pairs KO winners Rob Misselbrook and Garry Pay
Blind pairs KO winners Rob Misselbrook and Garry Pay

THE conclusion of the Tuesday Double In Double Out winter season was a blind pairs knockout followed by the trophy presentation at the Newtown Social Club.

The players held a one-minute silence after the death of one of the Royal Oak’s long-time team members Doug Cattermole.

Some 50 players took to the oche for the knockout, and the first semi-final saw Garry Pay (Royal Oak) and Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club) take on Graham Clear (Hunston Club) and Lee Franklin (Claremont).

Clear and Franklin took out big-name player Craig Stoner and his team-mate Nathan Warren in the first round, but they eventually fell to Pay and Misselbrook.

The second semi saw Steve Carson (Neptune) and Nick Hales (Claremont) face Gary Blackwood (Claremont) and Russ Bichard (Neptune). Blackwood and Bichard were triumphant.

The first leg of the final saw Blackwood and Bichard get off to a great start with a 100 in-shot, followed by 30, 100, 100, 100 and a 71 out-shot, while their opponents were still in the 300s.

The second leg brought a better start for Pay and Misselbrook with a 112 in-shot, but the leg was fairly even all the way to the double. A great out-shot from Pay sealed the leg, taking it to the final leg.

The last leg started slowly with both teams finding it hard to get the double in. After a few throws each the doubles were found and Blackwood and Bichard pushed into the lead.

Blackwood and Bichard had nine darts at their double but missed every throw, which gave Pay and Misselbrook time to catch up. Eventually Misselbrook hit double five to win the leg and the match and share the £100 winners’ jackpot.

There was an excellent selection of Olympic torch-style trophies supplied by C&M Trophies of Littlehampton for the presentation.

Final league positions: Div 1 - Overall winners - Claremont Cobras; runners-up - Royal Oak; Singles winners - Claremont Cobras; Singles runners-up - Royal Oak; Pairs winners - Claremont Cobras; Pairs runners-up - Royal Oak. Div 2 - Overall winners - Neptune Selsey; runners-up - Newtown SC; Singles winners - Neptune Selsey; Singles runners-up - Newtown SC; Pairs winners - Newtown SC; Pairs runners-up - Neptune Selsey.