Agyemang: I don’t know how it didn’t go in

Patrick Agyemang. Picture: Joe Pepler
Patrick Agyemang. Picture: Joe Pepler

It was the moment Pompey’s barren run in front of goal looked certain to end.

Patrick Agyemang fired the ball past Burton keeper Rob Lainton’s dive in the 51st minute and Fratton Park celebrated.

That was until his shot, which looked a goal all the way, came back off the post and trickled away to safety.

Agyemang couldn’t believe his misfortune at failing to break the deadlock.

And it meant Richie Barker’s men came away with a 0-0 draw against the promotion-chasers – their third on the bounce.

It may be 395 minutes since Pompey conceded a goal, but it’s now 312 since they hit the back of the net.

Agyemang can’t believe that’s still the case and he didn’t mark his first start since mid-January with a goal.

He said: ‘I’ve hit it with the outside of the foot and I thought it was going to go into the bottom.

‘I even thought it was going to go off the post and go in. I was convinced it was in one way or the other.

‘It was in, I thought, and it just curled away and came back out.

‘It was one of those nights it seems where things weren’t going for us.

‘There’s no luck at the moment. That’s how it seems for me anyway.

‘I wanted to come back with a goal but it hasn’t happened.

‘I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how it’s happened but that’s how it goes sometimes.’

Agyemang’s shot off the post wasn’t the only cause of consternation for the 33-year-old last night against the Brewers.

The striker was furious with referee Carl Berry’s display.

Berry was subjected to boos from the Fratton Park crowd for a series of strange decisions in the second half.

Agyemang could totally understand the crowd’s anger towards the official.

He echoed that sentiment and revealed how frustration led to a magic moment in the second half where he beat four Burton players before eventually winning a free-kick.

The front man explained he was fired up to ridicule the opposition with his talent because he felt he wasn’t getting any protection from the referee.

‘It was at that point I was getting frustrated,’ said Agyemang.

‘The defender was literally kicking the back of me and kicking the backing of me again.

‘So I thought I’m going to take the mickey out of this guy because he’s kicking me and kicking me.

‘He couldn’t get near the ball and I still wasn’t getting the foul.

‘It was literally happening like that all night.

‘I’d hold off one man and another would come for me.

‘It was a frustrating night because of that.

‘I think I got one foul and they were kicking me all night.

‘It was probably the most I’ve ever spoken to a referee because it was ridiculous.

‘I’m a big guy and it takes a lot to knock me down but they were coming in with their full force.

‘I don’t think that was fair at all and I don’t think it was the ref’s best game.

‘But when it’s like that you just have to try to concentrate on your own game.

‘You have to battle away and make it go for you.’