Awford fondly remembers ‘massive’ Pompey triumph

Andy Awford
Andy Awford

Andy Awford reflected on one of Pompey’s greatest wins and branded it a ‘massive day in the history of the club’.

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the Blues being saved at the High Court.

Mr Justice Peter Smith approved a late settlement between Portpin and the Pompey Supporters’ Trust which paved the way for the club to avoid liquidation and retain their Football League status.

The Trust and presidents officially seized control on April 19, 2013. And the new regime is currently ahead of its scheduled debt repayments to footballing authorities.

Meanwhile, two victories under Awford’s caretaker charge has eased fears of relegation into non-league football.

And the Academy manager, who was also involved in the first-team coaching set-up at the time, fondly recalls the nerve-wracking occasion which secured the club’s future.

‘It was a court case with financial stuff and involved the ground, to be honest with you I got a bit lost in it,’ admitted Awford.

‘I just knew that we won – I don’t know what we won, but we won!

‘It was just pure relief when there was positive news and obviously a massive day in the history of the club. We could finally move forward.

‘The euphoria after that and the Sheffield United game will go down in folklore.

‘I couldn’t affect it, there was nothing I could do about it. I showed support to the people that needed it but it was out of my hands.

‘I might be able to affect something on Saturday, on the pitch, but I cannot affect anything that goes on in a court case, so it was “please can we get through this” – and thankfully we did.

‘We were okay and that relief was not just for me. Personally, I was pleased, but the fans and everybody had been through the mill.’