Baby Barcham asked to hang on

Andy Barcham is primed to make a speedy dummy run tomorrow – as he keeps his fingers crossed that his first child does not inherit the trademark family pace just yet.

The Blues winger returns to his former club Scunthorpe on the new baby’s due date, with Mrs Barcham tasked with making herself comfortable and sitting tight at the family home in Chichester.

Andy Barcham Picture: Joe Pepler

Andy Barcham Picture: Joe Pepler

But with someone hanging on to his phone during the match waiting for any updates, the 27-year-old may suddenly be forced to make a quick getaway, which will then mean racing south to be at the birth.

Barcham said: ‘It could be an interesting drive home if I get the call.

‘The due date is on the day of the game so I just hope the baby is late.

‘I’ve been driving my own car to games in recent weeks instead of getting on the coach with the lads just in case and my family have been staying with my wife.

‘Being so far away, it’s difficult. She wants me there with her and I want to be there myself for the birth of my first child.

‘Family is very important to me, as I’m sure it is to everyone.

‘But it’s the profession I do, so I will not say “I’m not going”.

‘The gaffer has been great, to be honest.

‘I’ve had a conversation with him and he’s very supportive.

‘The baby will come when it’s ready.

‘But we’ve got a midweek game next week so I have no idea when is a good time!’

Barcham celebrated his goal against Southend back in December by sucking his thumb to acknowledge his imminent move into fatherhood.

And his return to Scunthorpe prompted memories of his struggle to be away from the rest of his family, having spent two years at Glanford Park after moving from Gillingham.

He recalled: ‘It was my first club away from home up north, so that was hard to adjust to at first.

‘Being a family man, it was hard to deal with at times.

‘But I had some good times there.

‘I don’t really think too much about going back to my old club.

‘It will be nice to see some people but we are just thinking about getting those three points.

‘That’s how we have to go about it.

‘Scunthorpe are doing very well.

‘They had a sticky patch but they have weathered that. Russ Wilcox has come in and they have got the kind of form you need to get out of the league.

‘It’s difficult to do but it’s not difficult to know what you need to do.

‘You need to put back-to-back wins together and you can climb the table.’

Barcham believes Pompey can take plenty of heart from last week’s success over AFC Wimbledon and is keen to maintain that momentum.

‘You could see how much it meant to us to hang on to the win last weekend against AFC Wimbledon,’ said Barcham.

‘It was a fantastic feeling and it’s one that we want more around here.

‘There have been fewer losses and we needed to have that foundation.

‘But we’re at the level now where we need to turn these draws into wins and that’s what we are working on.’