Bricks, slates and smashed windows all happens when Portsmouth go to Barnsley

Oakwell in its present guise - but in the past it has witnessed Pompey pain
Oakwell in its present guise - but in the past it has witnessed Pompey pain

In last week's Bone Idle Gossip I wrote how the Pompey trips to Barnsley that I made were never without incident. But some fans make my experiences pale into insignificance.

A number of people recalled the evening, in March 1979, that saw then manager Jimmy Dickinson have a heart attack post-match.

Kevin Lawrence was one: ‘The match was drawn 1-1. During the game a brick (thrown from outside the ground) hit me in the chest and knocked me to the ground. Then Jimmy Dickinson suffered a heart attack (not because of the brick).

‘After the match it was pouring with rain and the police kept the Pompey supporters standing outside. Norman Jones lightened the mood by doing a rendition of Alloutte!

‘And it was a cold journey home as many of the windows in the train carriage had been smashed. Apart from that, it was a good day out.’

Makes the 6-0 defeat in 1999, and midweek ten-man 4-0 defeat in 1991, seem pleasant by comparison.

Tweeter @pompeywriter recalled the 2-0 loss on New Year’s Day 1994: ‘My strongest Oakwell memory was the old social club behind the home end. A local called Kipper got up on the roof of the toilet block, slinging slate tiles at the local constabulary.’

Will Hucker had little fun there either: ‘Went to the 1-0 defeat in November 2010. I believe the only shot on target for either side was Barnsley’s goal and it rained throughout. I was meant to change at Huddersfield to get home but missed the stop and got stuck at Berry Brow for an hour waiting for another train. Grim.’

The last word goes to @Harry_PFC: ‘I went the last time we played there... went into administration the day before, had only three subs and Kitson sent off before half-time. Lost 2-0. Doomed.’

Question is… is the a ground that’s seen more Pompey pain than Oakwell? Nominations welcome and there are probably plenty of contenders.

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