Catlin makes Pompey transfer pledge

Mark Catlin. Picture: Joe Pepler
Mark Catlin. Picture: Joe Pepler

Mark Catlin has vowed Pompey will never again take a ‘hire purchase’ approach to player recruitment.

Having settled legacy issues with ex-players and other football creditors, the Blues are officially debt free.

As a result they are free from the microscopic monitoring of the Football League which has existed since coming out of administration in April 2013.

Potentially, Pompey are also able to buy players.

Although that has been the case since the summer when the Football League granted permission to purchase midfielders Nigel Atangana and James Dunne.

Inevitably, news of the club settling debts has prompted some fans to expect transfer deals to now be struck when the window reopens in January.

But the Blues’ chief executive insists ‘sound business practices’ will continue.

He said: ‘We are now subjected to rules and obligations like any other club in the Football League pyramid.

‘Previously budgets were monitored because we had to pay off ex-players and legacy debts, we were under the Football League’s microscope.

‘That is now over and we operate as everyone else.

‘In terms of buying players, we have been in that position for quite a while.

‘Atangana and Dunne were signed as the Football League were pleased with the management of our club.

‘We will continue to sign the right player should he come up for the right money.

‘We will not take a hire purchase approach again.

‘We have applied sound business practices and got to this position financially by running a very tight ship.

‘It is not our intention to start leaking water again.

‘This is not like people buying a car before they can afford it.’