Comment: Awford decision won’t satisfy all

Pompey boss Andy Awford Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey boss Andy Awford Picture: Joe Pepler

One minute you’re a negative troublemaker for printing critical views about the club, the next you’re a spineless yes man.

On one hand, the board are out of their depth and are clueless idiots who don’t have the courage to sack a failing manager.

Yet on the other hand, they’ve shown their bottle and refused to go for the quick-fix. They are sticking with the manager they appointed and showing him support when he needs it most.

Divisions continue to grow between the factions.

It’s close to becoming a Pompey-style civil war – and we’ve got history for a rumble down these parts.

In fact, it’s bringing back some painful memories of the battle for the club’s ownership when things got pretty hostile among Pompey fans.

Some still believe the wrong team won that war.

Opinions now differ on the best way to proceed but those in charge have made their decision – for now at least.

It hasn’t pleased everyone.

In my view – and it counts for no more or less than anyone else’s with the club at heart – it was the right thing to do.

Pompey are in a dreadful run of form but it’s not panic stations yet.

Things can change. Results must change.

As is often the way in the modern world, I’m expecting criticism and suggestions that it’s not my honest opinion and I’m simply cosying up to the manager, the board or anyone else who likes being cosied up to by a greying local hack.

Perhaps I’m just a ‘spineless yes man’, as myself and my colleagues were called on Twitter recently for failing to call for the immediate dismissal of Andy Awford.

I’ve also recently been accused of ‘North Korean propaganda’ by one reader who didn’t share my views that the manager needed time to get it right.

Agree, disagree and if it makes you feel better, vent your anger at someone who has zero influence at boardroom level.

But even if you are in total disagreement – and I respect the opposing views – the one thing every single one of us has in common is wanting success for this club.

And it’s worth reminding a few people that includes every member of the board and the manager himself.

Awford will know that there may come a time when the decision must be made to end his tenure.

But we’ve not reached that point yet.