Connolly sends message to Barker

David Connolly set up Ryan Taylor's equaliser. Picture: Barry Zee
David Connolly set up Ryan Taylor's equaliser. Picture: Barry Zee

DAVID CONNOLLY delivered a timely reminder of his quality and insisted: My record speaks for itself.

Connolly proved a game changer as he left the bench to help rescue a 1-1 draw against Mansfield.

The 36-year-old hit the post before creating the equaliser for Ryan Taylor with 12 minutes left.

Connolly has made two starts in Richie Barker’s seven games in charge as manager.

He admitted he is keen to be featuring more regularly.

Connolly said: ‘You can be forgotten easily when you are on the sidelines.

‘But I’ve scored 12 times in 24 starts through a tough period at the club.

‘I think my record here stands up to inspection.

‘Every player wants to play, but I’m not going to bash the manager’s door down. I’m not going to do that.

‘I’ve been training well, though, so then it’s down to the manager.

‘If I’m selected great, if I’m not I’ll get my head down and play as and when I get the opportunity.

‘If you get the chance then you let your football doing the talking. That’s what it’s all about.’

Connolly revealed he has stepped back from the coaching duties he was carrying out under Guy Whittingham.

He said ‘I’m just training and playing when selected.

‘It (coaching) will be something I do, but not here at the moment.

‘I’m concentrating on playing at the moment.

‘I’m getting on with playing as and when selected.’