Cook’s Pompey vision

PAUL COOK has spelt out his Pompey vision after being unveiled as manager.

The new boss has laid down his views on what is needed to take the Blues out of the doldrums and guide them back to success.

You can’t pass your way out of League Two? We’re going to try.

Paul Cook

The 48-year-old has promised to try to pass his way out of League Two, after inking a three-year deal at Fratton Park this week.

Cook gave an impressive, no-nonsense performance at his official unveiling in front of the media yesterday.

And he made it clear exactly what supporters can look forward to next season.

Cook said: ‘You can’t pass your way out of League Two? We’re going to try.

‘That’s what they said at Chesterfield and we won the league. If you have the correct players and correct beliefs, you can do what you want.

‘It’s about players. Good defenders and good attackers.

‘I like to play a possession-based game. I like us to have the ball on the floor, I like to move the ball quickly and I like players to be comfortable on the ball.

‘We press high as we like our players to win the ball at first source.

‘Confidence is the biggest thing in players. They have to feel good. They have to go on that pitch believing they can do anything.

‘When you have the crowd we have backing us, it’s amazing what an adrenalin rush that can give you.

‘I think every manager has a philosophy on the game – but the most important philosophy is winning.

‘If you can play good football and win it’s a double whammy.’

Cook has already made it clear he will not shirk tough decision, as he sorts out both his playing staff and coaching team. And the Scouser has clear ideas about what is required from both.

He said: ‘The players have to live in the area. I won’t put up with travelling.

‘People have to give the club their life. You must be fit and educated in how the game should be played.

‘There’s so much that goes into a football team these days. Teams love coming to Fratton Park and we don’t travel well.

‘We, as staff, will look at what we can do to change that.

‘It’s a challenge and we have to overcome it.

‘The people of Portsmouth take great credit for where the club is. We’re very lucky now to have a chance to do something, and I’m determined to make those supporters very happy.

‘I won’t be classed as a manager who doesn’t make decisions. I may not get all of them right, but I’d rather make one than not make one.’