Dressing room sound support for Awfs

Ben Chorley looks for answers at Bury Picture: Joe Pepler
Ben Chorley looks for answers at Bury Picture: Joe Pepler

The dressing room is behind you, Andy Awford has been told.

The Pompey boss revealed he was contacted by his players and given their support in the wake of Saturday’s defeat to Bury.

Awford was phoned by squad members who expressed their disappointment at their own form.

He praised them for having the backbone to do that.

Awford said: ‘A couple of the players have fronted up.

‘It was nice and it took some nerve to do that.

‘I’m not sure I would have rung up Jim Smith and done it when I was a player.

‘They weren’t apologising. It was more supportive.

‘Some people will see it as sucking up to me, but I think they have shown they are proper men.

‘They wanted to have a chat and share their views.

‘I’ve got no problem with them doing that whatsoever.

‘They have given me some home truths and have admitted they haven’t been quite what they want to be.

‘They wanted to reassure me they are still believing in me, where we’re going and what we’re trying to do.

‘They said they have every confidence in me and my staff and love playing here, but want to do better.

‘That’s what you want to hear. It’s a positive for me.’

Awford yesterday held a meeting with his players ahead of tonight’s clash with Stevenage to spell out some issues after six games without a win.

He added: ‘We had a two-minute chat yesterday to put down some home truths.

‘I always give the players a chance to speak – and a couple did. It’s always different people. It’s not always the same ones.’