Fans impressed but still want more detail from trust

FANS said the Pompey Supporters Trust meeting had increased their confidence in the trust – but wanted to hear more details.

The panel said that because of non-disclosure agreements with administrators PKF, and fears of putting their bid at a disadvantage, members were not able to give all the specifics the audience wanted.

But they added that everyone who pledges will receive a full prospectus outlining the business plan before they are asked for the full £1,000.

Audrey Moreland, 80, of Yarborough Road, in Southsea, said: ‘I thought it was very good, although we are still not getting as much information as I would like.

‘But before this I though they were a little tin-pot operation run by people who were being a bit big-headed, but I was quite impressed by them.’

Joanna Doe, 56, of Nightingale Road, said the trust needed to do more to win over doubters.

‘They came across as credible,’ she said. ‘But the problem is they are preaching to the converted. I hope they succeed because for me this isn’t just a football issue, it affects the entire community.’

Spokesman Scott Mclachlan said the majority of feedback they had received was positive, but there would always be people who couldn’t be won over.

‘We have been as open as we possibly can’ he said. ‘And shown far more transparency then you are ever likely to see from someone like Balram Chainrai.’