Guy: I don’t fear Blues exodus

Guy Whittingham is planning ahead with Pompey
Guy Whittingham is planning ahead with Pompey

Guy Whittingham has started preparing for the forthcoming January transfer window and insisted: I don’t fear a Pompey exodus.

The current Blues squad are all on monthly contracts but are unable to sign for another club until the transfer window reopens in just over six weeks time.

With almost all of the players signed by ex-boss Michael Appleton, there are concerns Whittingham could be left with a massive rebuilding job in January.

However, the caretaker boss has confirmed that, as yet, none of the current squad have indicated they are keen to move on – although he has not ruled out making some harsh decisions himself in a bid to improve his options.

Whittingham explained: ‘The players are on month-to-month contracts until January. So if they want to go, there’s nothing we can do about it.

‘Some players here might say “I’ve had enough and I want to go”.

‘We’ve got to plan for that eventuality and we’ve got to plan for them all staying.

‘Nobody has come to me and told me they will be leaving in January.

‘That is encouraging. You have to have a decent relationship with them and you would hope that if that is the case, they would come to you and do that.

‘But I don’t know whether they are going to or not.

‘The ideal situation from Portsmouth Football Club’s point of view would be that all of them want to stay and then we get the choice of whether we want to keep them or not. I understand that’s not the ideal situation for them, but we are thinking about the club.’

Whittingham and Andy Awford have their own ideas on how they want to revamp the Blues squad.

But the caretaker boss knows the club’s ongoing ownership situation is making it hard to get any concrete plans in place.

He said: ‘We started planning for January two or three weeks ago if I’m honest. It’s like anything, you’ve just got to prepare early so we are making sure we are prepared for the situation and trying to cover all angles.

‘We’ve envisaged big changes, little changes and no changes because that’s what you’ve got to do.

‘Even if we wanted to change things around, there might not be the players out there to come in.

‘Come January, are we in administration or are we out of administration?

‘If we are out of administration, do we get 20 players, do we get 18 or more so we can think about the budget really closely?

‘We also have to think about which kids are ready to be introduced to the first-team squad.’

Whittingham has been told he will be the man to lead Pompey until they are out of administration. And he is clearly relishing the opportunity to put his own stamp on the team.

He said: ‘It’s exciting. At the moment, I’m looking forward to every single day.

‘It’s enjoyable doing it and working with the players is great.’