Malley vows to ‘redesign’ Pompey Trust

New Pompey Supporters' Trust chairman Ken Malley
New Pompey Supporters' Trust chairman Ken Malley

Ken Malley has pledged to ‘redesign’ the Pompey Supporters’ Trust after taking over as its chairman.

The 70-year-old has replaced Ashley Brown in the role with the remit of taking the group in a new direction, particularly in terms of raising membership.

At present there are around 3,700 Trust members, consisting of 1,270 adults, 50 juniors and 2,380 shareholders.

Yet, with an average Fratton Park attendance of 15,299 this season, there is clearly scope for a recruitment drive.

Malley has been a driving force behind the Trust since its inception and commutes to games from his home near Bude, Cornwall.

And joined by newly-appointed vice chairman Tom Dearie, the pair are seeking to take the Trust and its 47.6-per-cent club ownership from strength-to-strength.

Malley said: ‘We are looking at the way forward having decided the Trust has outgrown what it was designed for.

‘We have almost overachieved. It was set up as a safety net and ended up with the fans running the football club.

‘Now it is a question of redesigning the Trust and dragging it into the 21st century with more member involvement and improving membership numbers.

‘When the Trust was registered on December 23, 2009, the position in those days was liquidation was just around the corner, so the idea was to create something to fall back on if the world caved in and then start again.

‘If it doesn’t cave in then we would push forward a representative on to the club board and try to have some fan involvement.

‘Instead of which fans ended up owning the club, so we have done a lot more than any of us dreamt possible in a short space of time

‘It now needs strength for the way forward and achieving new aims in the next three or four years. We have other things to do now rather than looking to save the club.

‘The next few months are going to be deciding where we focus and where our members want us to focus.

‘We have been encouraging members for some time to let us know what they want. We want to conduct this on a wider sale and certainly a survey is one of the options.

‘Our membership is very good but there are 15,000 people at Fratton Park on a match day and we want to sign more up to make our voice even louder.

‘There is no reason why we should be satisfied with current numbers.’

Brown, who had been chairman since September 2011, lost out in a Trust board vote to Malley on Monday evening.

However, he will remain on the board as well as retain his seat on the seven-man club board.

Now it is over to Malley to lead from the front.

‘When I am dead and buried I want to have left behind everything in place for the club to continue in the way it is, with fans being the most important people,’ added Malley.

‘We have a fairly loud voice anyway with three Trust board members on a seven-man club board.

‘It’s certainly a louder voice than virtually any other club of our size.’