Midfielder pays tribute to key influence

Liam Walker
Liam Walker

He’ll be an international footballer next season.

And Liam Walker is aiming to make sure he is a Pompey player in the campaign ahead, too.

That’s after the 25-year-old got 28 appearances under his belt last season, following his dream move to the Blues.

The midfielder knows who he owes a huge debt of gratitude to for his ambitons being fulfilled.

Walker’s father has been a constant figure in his career.

That remains the case until this day and is something the Gibraltarian is quick to recognise.

Walker said: ‘My family are happy for me about what has happened.

‘It’s been my whole life, so they are happy for me.

‘They have put a lot of their time into it, especially my dad, who has trained me since I was a child.

‘He’s always given me extra training – even now.

‘He will come with me when I’m training and work with me.

‘If there are bits and pieces that he needs to help me out with he’ll be there.

‘He’s put a lot of time into me so they are happy to see it’s had a bit of an effect.’

Walker has spent the summer back in his homeland.

That doesn’t mean there has been a let-up in his workload.

He’s spent time working on building his upper-body strength.

His return to England has been delayed this week as he turns out for Gibraltar.

But he is looking forward to his comeback as he aims to earn himself a new deal.

Walker said: ‘It’s good to go back now and spend time with them.

‘The extra training has always helped. I feel it’s that extra bit that has helped me to get where I am at the moment.

‘I’ve been chilling out and had my girlfriend with me, so I’ve just been showing her around.

‘But I’m looking forward to getting back and setting some goals.

‘I’m thinking about getting this team back into League One.’