New director Dyer happy to stick around

Mike Dyer has been appointed to the new Pompey board
Mike Dyer has been appointed to the new Pompey board
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To many, he is an unfamiliar presence on the Pompey board.

Yet, behind the scenes, Mike Dyer has been a crucial component in the successful community bid.

Through his role as director at law firm Verisona, the 61-year-old has spent the past seven months engrossed in legal negotiations on behalf of the Trust.

A former south stand season-ticket holder, Dyer has been the main legal voice when dealing with the Football League, Premier League and PFA during the whole process.

Such has been his invaluable input and the skills he continues to offer, he has been appointed to Pompey’s seven-man board.

And Dyer is delighted to continue to be involved in the club he helped save.

He said: ‘For me, personally, it has been a full-time job for seven months. I have actually dropped all my other work and just been dealing with this.

‘I’m going to find it difficult to break the habit of turning up every morning and wondering what we do today for Portsmouth Football Club!

‘It has been a really long period of negotiation with all of the authorities and bodies involved.

‘We have had to negotiate but also come to an agreement with the PFA, Football League and Premier League to determine how those bodies deal with the parachute payments, the players owed money.

‘Those issues have been quite complex and the deal is unique as far as they are concerned.

‘I wonder whether it will ever be done again in some respects – it has been absolutely ground breaking.

‘But it has been an absolute privilege to have been involved.’

Verisona, who are based at Lakeside, number six Pompey season-ticket holders among their ranks – including Ian Peach and David Oliver.

Now Dyer will help steer the club from his position on the board.

He added: ‘I am not a member of the Trust board, I am not a member of the Trust, I am not a president, so I think my role is as a referee!

‘I bring a skill set and from the last seven months a pretty good knowledge.’