Pompey boss to make amends with Coleman

Accrington Stanley manager John Coleman
Accrington Stanley manager John Coleman

Andy Awford has already mistakenly congratulated John Coleman on a victory and is hopeful he won’t have to do it again tomorrow.

The Blues boss shook hands with all of the people in Micky Adams’ office at Tranmere Rovers in the wake of Pompey’s 3-1 loss two weeks ago.

But he only found out some 
time later that one of those 
people was the Accrington Stanley boss.

Awford said: ‘It was after the Tranmere game and Accrington had played the night before at home to Exeter.

‘We had someone at their game because we were close by.

‘John obviously took the opportunity to come and watch us play on the Saturday.

‘I’d never met him and I didn’t know who he was, if I’m honest.

‘That’s nothing against John but I walked into Micky Adams’ office to congratulate him in his team’s win.

‘You always go and see the opposition manager after the game and you just presume it’s usually the rest of his staff in there with him.

‘But I went round the people in the room and there were about five of them there, so I congratulated them all because I thought they were Tranmere staff.

‘Unbeknown to me at the time, John was one of those people.

‘It wasn’t until I got back on the bus that one of our staff said to me “do you know that was John Coleman?”

‘I was a bit confused as to why he was in there but it turns out he is mates with Micky Adams.

‘But then I was thinking “he will think I’m a right idiot”.

‘So I rang Micky on the 
Monday, got his number and phoned him up to apologise because I didn’t want him thinking I was arrogant.

‘He laughed about it and said “don’t worry about it – just buy me a beer when you see me”.’