Pompey end Spurs fight after Begovic settlement

Former Pompey goalkeeper Asmir Begovic
Former Pompey goalkeeper Asmir Begovic

David Lampitt believes Pompey can forge links with Spurs once again after reaching settlement over Asmir Begovic.

The two clubs have been in disagreement since January 2010 after the then-Blues keeper joined Stoke.

It is alleged a deal was brokered on Pompey’s behalf by Daniel Azougy, entitling Spurs to £1m should Begovic join another club instead of them.

It has been a controversial arrangement, long since disputed by Pompey.

Now an undisclosed settlement has been reached.

It came just two weeks before a Premier League arbitration panel was to sit in judgement.

For Pompey, it clears up yet another legacy issue left over by a number of previous ownership reigns.

Lampitt is confident there can now be a healthy relationship with Spurs.

And that could pave the way for White Hart Lane loan players to arrive at Fratton Park in the future.

The chief executive said: ‘This has clearly been a lengthy process but it was settled a couple of weeks before the arbitration hearing.

‘For me, it’s another example of a legacy issue we have inherited that has been dealt with. And that will enable us all to move on.

‘Since the owners have arrived, a number of long-standing issues have been resolved.

‘That has to be a positive for the club, helping us to move forwards.

‘This means we can restart our relationship with Spurs, which has been quite difficult during this period. It helps with the credibility of the club and is an important part of maintaining a link with Spurs once again.’