Pompey fans’ favourite sees grounds for optimism

Ricardo Rocha, Portsmouth
Ricardo Rocha, Portsmouth

Ricardo Rocha believes the feeling of growing optimism is beginning to spread through Fratton Park.

The popular Blues centre-back has noticed a big upturn in positivity that has accompanied the team’s recent results, even though the club is seemingly destined for relegation from League One this season.

While the Portuguese defender is not getting carried away by a run of just two defeats in eight games, he puts it down to some much-needed stability in the squad that means the players are finally gaining an understanding.

Rocha explained: ‘Everybody is getting to know each other more now and I think you can see the difference on the pitch.

‘For example, I know how Patrick Agyemang plays now.

‘I didn’t know at the beginning how Pat liked to receive the ball but we are all starting to know each other.

‘Now we know how a player wants the ball – whether he wants to run on to it or have it into feet – just things like that.

‘Before we couldn’t do that because it was changing every week, with new players always coming and going.

‘There is some optimism at the club but we still have to wait and keep working to make sure it continues.’

Rocha has seen Pompey’s demise at close quarters, having joined them as a Premier League side.

He also saw a dreadful run of form after rejoining the club in November.

He said: ‘When I first came, things went worse and worse but now we’re getting up again.

‘You can see the change but we still have to wait to find out about the ownership of this club and the future.

‘When that happens, it will be a big lift to everyone here who have seen all of the bad things happen.

‘We want to look ahead.’