Russell contemplating quitting Pompey in search for success

Darel Russell is ready to walk away from Pompey to fulfil his thirst for trophies.

The midfielder’s one-month contract expires after Notts County’s visit to Fratton Park tomorrow night.

Darel Russell, left, is considering leaving Pompey

Darel Russell, left, is considering leaving Pompey

He has been offered a fresh deal but will wait until Wednesday to decide.

The 32-year-old won the League One title with Norwich in 2009/10 and claimed it again while on loan with Charlton last season.

But his failure to not match those successes with the Blues – who on Saturday lost 3-1 at home to rock bottom Hartlepool – has left him questioning his future.

It appears he could be the latest player to exit the club.

Russell said: ‘I will make a decision after Tuesday’s game but wherever I am, I want to be successful.

‘For me football is about winning. I probably learned that playing for Norwich when we won the league.

‘Everybody wants to win a game, that is part and parcel.

‘You are in training and you want to win.

‘But when you win a league it makes you understand what football is about.

‘It makes me understand why fans may moan and groan at teams like Arsenal who haven’t put a trophy in the cabinet for many years.

‘You can play pretty stuff but until you get a medal nothing else matters, especially when it comes to the league because it’s a slog for nine months.

‘Once you have done it, it’s something you hunger for again.

‘I was lucky enough to be involved again last season with Charlton, doing it a second time, and that is what football is about.

‘It’s not about the money for me or just playing games or entertaining, it’s not about all that stuff.

‘Only six per cent of footballers in their career will ever win a league, it’s as small as that.

‘To become part of that you want to do it again and again and that is what my hunger is, that is what I drive for.

‘That is what inspires me and drives me to play week in, week out.

‘Other players might be different.

‘You have to find what sparks you.

‘It might be money, it might be fame. If that’s what sparks you then good luck to you.

‘But what sparks me, what tickles me and gets me going is not just winning games but winning leagues and medals.’

Russell was part of the team whose latest defeat on Saturday takes it to 15 matches without a win.

It was his 18th Pompey appearance – but tomorrow could be his last.

He added: ‘I am focusing on tomorrow’s game, if selected, and then it’s time for me to take some stock and assess all situations.

‘That is something I will do after the game – not while your emotions are running, but once I get the chance to sit down on Wednesday and have a real think in my own time.’