Striker accepts away-day worry

Ryan Taylor went off injured in the defeat. Picture: Joe Pepler
Ryan Taylor went off injured in the defeat. Picture: Joe Pepler

Ryan Taylor admits Pompey are now attempting to overcome a psychological barrier on their travels.

The Blues striker is among the rest of the players, coaching staff and fans who are left scratching their collective heads at the stark contrast in performances away from Fratton Park.

Pompey have taken an impressive 20 points out of a possible 27 on their home turf so far this term.

But it’s a paltry six points out of 30 from their efforts on opposition territory in League Two this season.

Something clearly isn’t quite right and it remains the primary talking point as Andy Awford and his staff attempt to solve it.

But it continues to undermine the club’s hopes of mounting a promotion challenge this season as they fail to back up their impressive home record with lacklustre performances on the road.

Taylor insists there is no magic formula or quick fix other than putting in the hours on the training pitch.

But he does concede that it has got into the minds of the players.

He said: ‘You try to put it to the back of your mind but it’s hard to get away from the fact that our away form is so poor.

‘It’s nowhere near as good as it should be.

‘At home, we are fine. But away from home, it’s just not good enough.

‘It’s hard not to think that way every time we play away from home because the same mistakes keep happening and we are all struggling to put our finger on why.

‘The performances are worlds apart.

‘Last week at home to Morecambe, we were pleased with the way we played and it was much more like it.

‘We thought it had given us a bit of extra confidence going into this one.

‘This time, we’re not at the same level and we lose the game.

‘Everybody is disappointed. But we’ve got to stick together when things aren’t going your way.

‘You don’t just give up.

‘So that means working hard on the training ground.

‘It’s up to us to put this right and it’s the only way we will turn things around.

‘At home, we seem to have promotion form but away from home, we struggle to get going.

‘It doesn’t help when you concede so early in the game.

‘It gives the other team so much confidence.’

Taylor’s own game was cut short in the second half when he was substituted after suffering an ankle injury.

He said: ‘I went up for a header and landed awkwardly and rolled my ankle a bit.

‘It swelled up a bit but I got some ice on it and it’s settled it down.

‘I don’t think it’s anything too serious.

‘I’ll have a bit of treatment and I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure I don’t miss any training because I’ve had a few injury niggles.

‘We’d obviously prefer the next game to be on Tuesday to try to put it right but it’s a long wait now.

‘When you have two weeks to stew on it, it makes it even harder.

‘We’ve got to pick ourselves up and try to stay positive to be ready for two weeks’ time.’