Tisdale: We made most of electric atmosphere

Paul Tisdale applauds the fans at Fratton Park
Paul Tisdale applauds the fans at Fratton Park

Exeter boss Paul Tisdale admitted his team thrived on their visit to the Fratton Park bearpit.

Pompey and Exeter played out their clash in front of a crowd who served up an electric atmosphere on Saturday.

The 1,304 visiting fans in a 16,168 attendance played their part in that.

The Fratton faithful carried their team home, however, as the Grecians pushed for an equaliser, with the Blues holding on for a 3-2 success.

Tisdale felt the fans served up a great environment to play in.

He said: ‘Our players worked off the back of the energy in the stadium.

‘It’s a wonderful place to play football – our players really enjoyed it.

‘I suppose we have to find a way of playing with that intensity we had at the end of the game when we’re playing in front of a quiet set of supporters at home.

‘It was a really good experience for us, and well done to Portsmouth.

‘They have a terrific set-up and the supporters really support their team, and it was a terrific place to play.’

Tisdale explained he felt a little hard done by to come away empty handed from a high-octane meeting.

He said: ‘It was a really good game, and I’m smarting a little bit with one or two moments of the game which went against us. But we won’t go far wrong if we keep on playing like this.

‘It was an incredibly difficult set of weather conditions. It wasn’t just a straight wind; it seemed to swirl. I don’t know whether that’s the nature of the stadia here and the gaps in the corners.

‘There was an erratic nature to it, which we saw with their goal. They got lucky with their first goal.

‘I don’t think anybody would romance about him seeing Artur off his line – I think it was pretty clear that it was a cross.

‘But those things can happen when you put the ball in the box.’