You still have faith in Trust in new era

A Pompey Supporters' Trust Q&A last year. Picture: Allan Hutchings (141174-831)
A Pompey Supporters' Trust Q&A last year. Picture: Allan Hutchings (141174-831)

POMPEY Supporters’ Trust (PST) is doing its job by representing you as fans.

But there is concern about the Trust’s share in the Blues becoming diluted.

The latest round of the Great Pompey Survey has focussed on the PST – and you have spoken in numbers on the topic.

And the overwhelming majority of supporters feel the group are doing a fine job in their work, as they head into a new era.

A whopping 82.7 per cent of fans reckon the PST are representing them properly, as they continue their work six years on from their formation.

A huge proportion of participants in the survey also agree there would be no football club today, if it wasn’t for the Trust’s existence.

Just 11 per cent of the hundreds who took part felt the club would have survived without PST.

But supporters have aired their views there is apprehension about the Trust’s share in the club dropping in the era of community ownership.

When Pompey left administration in April 2013, the Trust’s 2,300 shareholders raised £2.5m through their £1,000 pledges.

That saw the PST own 51 per cent of the club with 11 presidents making up the remaining share.

That figure now reads around 48 per cent, with there a continuing debate about how sustainable the current ownership model is. The survey saw just over half (50.9 per cent) of those who responded state they are concerned about the Trust’s share in the club becoming diluted.

A figure of 30.7 per cent said they were unconcerned about the issue with 18.4 per cent saying they were not bothered.

Similarly, a massive majority of those involved in the survey see community ownership as something which must remain at the heart of Pompey.

Over 90 per cent of those responding believe it crucial the Trust hold a share in the football club.

As well as representing you as supporters, fans are pleased with the overall work the Trust are undertaking.

A combined figure of 94.1 per cent of those questioned are either very pleased (39.3 per cent) or pleased (54.8 per cent) with the work of the Trust since they formed in 2009.

There’s a mixed view when it comes to how well the Trust communicate with supporters at present.

A total 39.2 per cent of those involved felt they communicated well, with a similar figure of 35.8 per cent saying it was okay. There were 13.5 per cent of responses saying the PST didn’t communicate well at all with 11.5 per cent suggesting they did it very well.

A clear 43.4 per cent stated the PST engaged well with the community through their variety of initiatives with 31.1 per cent saying okay, 18 per cent very well and 7.5 per cent not well at all.

The Trust have made strides to make themselves accessible to younger supporters with the formation of their youth committee.

But there is still room for improvement for engaging with the next generation of Blues fans, according to those questioned. A huge 91.2 per cent of fans said more could be done to connect with younger fans moving forward.