Arun beat combined might of neighbours ... Nyetimber bowlers pick up prizes

Nyetimber SMBC prizewinners
Nyetimber SMBC prizewinners

The annual match between Arun and the combined might of Pagham and Crablands lived up to expectations with some extremely good bowling and some tight finishes.

Arun lost on two rinks and won the remaining four. They won the match 124-113.

With everyone knowing everyone else, a good friendly spirit prevailed between the players.

Scores (Arun names first): B Lilley, J Ayling, C Chester, P White (s) lost to P Langridge, C Brown, J Fox, A Bateman (s) 14-15; E Jones, R Stevens, D Jones, Brazier (s) beat E Mumford, J Taylor, G Cutts, M Heaseman (s) 24-21; G King, J Elliott, S Webster, M King (s) beat M Bateman, P Wakeford, M Brand, R Dear (s) 18-16; P Green, M Campbell, K Ball, T Sayers(s) beat R Pearson, A Humphreys, S Stocker, M English 24-19; L Etherington, R Keele, B McGovern, E King (s) lost to G Humphreys, A Colletta, N Reynolds, G Conley (s) 8-28; M Hunt, P Ward, J Muffett, T Tack (s) beat J Saunders, J Adams, R Hilder, P Mayoss (s) 36-14.

Arun ladies played in the Vivienne Trophy and had a great win against Egham, which put them into the quarter-finals.

The quarter-final was very exciting and close against the Oyster club in Kent, but this went their way by a score of 70-68. Well done to Arun ladies for getting that far.

Arun ladies played at home to Worthing Pavilion in the league. Arun lost on three rinks and won on two, but managed to take the overall points from an 84-81 win.

Scores: D Mitchell, E Fitch, S Miles, C Bowles won 23-8; P Corkett, M Brand, B Jones, M Phillips won 17-13; C Hobbs, R Weidenheoft, L Hathaway, B Spicer lost 17-20; J Boucher, J Whetstone, G Conley,W Adams lost 13-19; I Brooker, M Bacon, S Stocker, M Richards lost 14-21.

Arun ladies played away to Grattons in the league, winning on four out of five rinks and taking the overall win by 92-76.

Scores: C Hobbs, R Wiedenheoft, S Miles, M Richards won 25-11; J Whitfield, J Hamilton, L Hathaway, B Spicer won 22-11; J Whetstone, M Bacon, B Jones, D Latter won 18-12; V Greenaway, E Fitch, G Conley, W Adams won 18-17; M Potter, C Preston, M Phillips, A Janman lost 9-25.

Arun ladies played a friendly at home to Camberley, winning 104-86.

Scores: JC Taylor, M Brand, M Phillips won 24-10; M Potter, J Adams, J Whitfield won 22-15; P Corkett, R Wiedenheoft, P Jones won 22-15; E Fitch, S Stocker, G Conley won 20-15; D Mitchell, J Hamilton, V Pickering won 11-10; B Lawson, M Tyrell, C Preston lost 7-24.

Arun ladies played a friendly at home against Wealden and won 113-101.

Scores: C Hillier, M Tyrell, R Wiendenheoft, B Collins won 28-13; P Corkett, JC Taylor, E Lawrence; S Jones won 22-17; D Mitchell, L Carthew, M Brand, G Conley won 19-16; B Lawson, J Reynold, J Whitfield, L Hathaway drew 18-18; J Whetstone, E Fitch, J Adams, B Jones lost 15-19; I Brooker, Keith Hutton, C Preston, M Richards lost 11-18.


In a friendly against Liphook, Midhurst Eagles came out on top by winning two games 28-12 and 26-9,but just lost out on the third mat by 19-15.

Scores: C Harkness, S Trussler, D Burton, C Morgan won 28-12; S Tait, I Frost, S Weeks, J Etheridge-Barns won 26-9; D Morgan, S Enticknap, R Softly, S Trussler lost 15-19.

A league game against Arundel Swallows brought defeat for the Eagles, who took two points to Swallows’ four.

It was a struggle for the Eagles to get started on mat two but they picked a few shots before losing 24-10.

On mat one the score was even on the 20th end but they managed to pick up two shots to take two points for the game.

Scores: D Morgan, D Berry, C Dixon, T Berry won 20-18; S Tait, S Trussler, J Etheridge-Barns, C Morgan lost 10-24.

In a friendly away to Norfolk, where the Eagles always struggle, they lost 23-10 on one mat and 21-15 on the other.

Scores: S Tait, S Weeks, R Softly, S Enticknap lost 15-21; C Harkness, M Hayward, D Berry, T Berry lost 10-23.


Nyetimber Short Mat Bowls Club celebrated their annual presentation lunch at the Lamb Inn with 45 members and guests attending.

Una Rump achieved a triple, winning the ladies’ singles, club championship and the ladies’ invitation with her husband George. Bill Rush took the men’s singles trophy.

The summer league was won by the Pagham Harbour team of Carol Sands, Brian Boiling, Eddie Chapman and Cyril Searle.

Charlotte and Dan pair up for county honours
Dinner and prizes mark end of Southbourne's year

The Cormorants hosted Fittleworth but lost on all three rinks.

On mat one Fittleworth went up a gear towards the end of the match to win 25-18. On mat two Fittleworth had daylight all the way through.

On the friendly mat, Cormorants led early on but ended up losing by 11 shots.

Denise Merritt was the captain of the day and thanked everyone for an afternoon of competitive bowling.

Fittleworth took all six league points.

Scores: Denise Merritt, Jan Obermayer, Tony Dade and skip Bill Merritt lost 25-18; Cheryl Brown, Graham Ainge, Rod Shambrook and skip Mollie Back lost 20-9; (friendly): Sarah Fewster, Lil Tuck, Wally Obermayer and Jim Saunders lost 26-15.


Southbourne Rangers 76 Crablands Avocets 12

In county division two Southbourne Rangers had an excellent home result against Crablands Avocets.

Rangers soon went ahead on both mats with the final results never in much doubt, Southbourne taking all six points.

Scores: Audrey Bull, Alex Horne, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) won 33:6; Karen Alner, Pete Jasinski, Dave Walter, Andy Smith (s) won 43:6.

Southbourne Rangers 54 Lavant Red 30

Rangers continued their good run with an away win against Lavant Red. Again the Rangers pulled steadily ahead. On the mat skipped by Antony Bull, the Reds did have a late rally but it was not enough for Southbourne to stop a Southbourne win on both mats, taking all six points.

Scores: Audrey Bull, Alex Horne, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) won 20:17; Karen Alner, Pete Jasinski, Dave Walter, Andy Smith (s) won 34:13.