Big and Small strike it rich in tenpin league

Harley Guy-Sinclair and Jeff Campbell
Harley Guy-Sinclair and Jeff Campbell

There was a grand finale to a 33-week battle for top spot in tenpin bowling’s Tuesday night adult league at Worthing.

Harley Guy-Sinclair and his stepfather Jeff Campbell, both from Bognor, fought their way as the aptly named doubles team Big and Small to secure first place in their league as fellow competitors watched their final game conclude.

Harley, the youngest in the adult league at the tender age of ten, stormed into the final where he bowled a high game of 190, impressing his peers and onlookers.

Jeff, who has coached Harley since he was four, jumped at the chance of pairing up with his stepson when the adult league started at Worthing last year.

Wife and mother Natasha Guy-Campbell said: “I’m so thrilled for my boys to achieve this victory together, I am so proud of them both. We were all in shock when we found out they had actually come first.”

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