Bognor duo are boxing clever

Aron Bradshaw with his proud family
Aron Bradshaw with his proud family

Two of Bognor’s boxers were in action at the Leigh Park club’s show in Hampshire – and both came away with unanimous wins.

Fifteen-year-old Charlie Mason and Aron Bradshaw, 19, were the boxers doing the club proud.

Mason engaged in a thrilling bout with Leigh Park’s Declon Gough. The first round saw Gough box cofidently behind a fast left jab, but Mason was stalking and cutting off the ring.

In rounds two and three, Mason upped the tempo with his power shots and bloodied Gough’s nose, taking a unanimous decision.

Bradshaw engaged in an action-packed bout with Copnor ABC’s Dean Drummond.

Both boys came out fast in round one but it was Bradshaw’s right hand that gave Drummond a standing eight count late in the round.

Round two had Drummond pushing forward but he was backed up on the ropes and knocked down with a left hook and counted out by the referee.

Bradshaw was back in the ring at the Holbrook Social Club, Horsham, where he notched a win against Horsham ABC’s Oliver Gale in an action-packed bout.

In the first round, Bradshaw boxed behind a solid left jab. Gale had trouble against Bradshaw’s long arms.

Round two saw Bradshaw up the pressure with thumping bodyshots and uppercuts.

Gale was under heavy pressure when his corner threw in the towel.