Bognor rugby boys learning strong lessons at Pulborough

Bognor under-tens at Pulborough
Bognor under-tens at Pulborough

Bognor RFC under-tens’ latest travels took them to Pulborough in very poor conditions.

They faced hosts Pulborough first game and found them a very well-disciplined side. Bognor were on the back foot and with the home team passing the ball well and Bognor’s normally good defensive line not working, the visitors lost 5-0.

Against East Grinstead, Bognor hit their stride with a try from Toby O’Connor giving them the confidence they needed. Tries from Emils Frolovs and two from Gus Stonelake made the final score 4-2.

Winchester were another good side but Bognor gave new players Beau Arnold, Zac Allies and Patryk Kadelski a start. The three stepped up with fantastic individual efforts. With a amazing try from Oscar Seal, Bognor went down 4-1.

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Next Bognor played a mix of players from other clubs. Frolovs opened the scoring and Mason Cleever scored from a sportsmanlike Stonelake pass.

The opposition got one back but Stonelake ran home two more tries and Marcus Cotton-Butcher made it 5-2.

It was a great learning experience for the new members of the team with Allies named player of the festival. Cleever was also given an award for his fantastic work with the mixed-team Barbars side.