Chichester ladies make Witterings wilt in league opener

The ladies line up at Witterings BC / Picture by Kate Shemilt
The ladies line up at Witterings BC / Picture by Kate Shemilt

We have action from Chichester. Witterings, Crablands, Southbourne, Fishbourne, West Dean, Bognor and Arun in our latest West Sussex bowls round-up. Reports below...


Chichester 46 Witterings 32

In their first the Game Set & Match League outing, Chichester Ladies won at home to Witterings. The sides won one rink apiece and Chichester took four points for the overall win.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Steph Baverstock, Mercedes Neilson & Sue Miles beat Sue Dobson, Barbara Newman, Julie Mulligan, Ann May (s) 31-7; Frances Downing, Lis Campling, Bridget Collins & Wendy Adams lost 15-25 to Susan Hogarth, Maureen Mulligan, Ros Hanbury, Chris Horsley (s).

Chichester 79 Maltravers 44

In the preliminary round of the Sussex Top Club competition Chichester played away to Maltravers, where they won three of the four disciplines – taking them through to the first round, which will be played at home.

Scores: Singles: Debbie Hogg won 21-3; Pairs: Chris Hobbs & Betty Spicer won 24-8; Triples: Mercedes Neilson, Bridget Collins & Denise Latter lost 14-17; Fours: Lis Campling, Steph Baverstock, Wendy Adams & Sue Miles won 20-16.

Chichester Bowling Club:

Chichester 94 Maltravers 58

Chichester had a comfortable victory at home to Maltravers in a mixed friendly.

Scores: Guy Buckle, Mercedes Neilson, Chas Campling, Mike Bayfield (skip) lost 22-17; Jim Neilson, Peter Hague, Nigel Dearman, Chris Wade (skip) lost 23-21; Jean Hole, Heather Farmer, Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer (skip) won 27-7; Lis Campling, Richard Smith,Kevin Ball, Denise Latter (skip) won 29-6.

Chichester 86 Homefield Park 73

After a slow start Chichester pulled back into their mixed friendly against Homefield Park. Chichester edged away to win by 13 shots.

Scores: Tony Daines, John Walters, John Williams (skip) lost 19-17; Mike Davis, Rosemary Manning, Colin Hulbert (skip) won 19-10; Bob Manning, John White, Jim Neilson (skip) won 14-12; Mercedes Neilson, Duncan Gray, Brian Talmage (skip) won 26-10; Ian Linfield, Jean Hole, Peter Merritt (skip) lost 22-10.

Chichester 99 Tarring Priory 69

Chichester won on all four rinks in their mixed friendly at home to Tarring Priory.

Scores: Ann Hulbert, Mike Davis, Chas Campling, Guy Buckle (skip) won 19-16; John Walters, Marilyn Burwell, Colin Hulbert, Mick Campbell (skip) won 27-19; Glyn Ball, Norman Burwell, Stephen Goddard, Brian Talmage (skip) won 28-12; Nigel Dearman, Kirk Hardman, Les Etherington, Kevin Ball (skip) won 25-22.


Witterings 79 Pagham 63

Scores (friendly): Dave Buckton, John Heathorn, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) lost 13-19; Colin Carter, Chris Jelf, John Langworthy, Ken Clark (s) won 18-16; Ron Prior, Tony Nixon, Glyn Dobson, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 16-18; Stuart Hooker, Doug Holden, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) won 32-10.

Witterings 86 Bognor 77

Scores (friendly): John Hardy, Chris Jelf, John Langworthy, Ken Clark (s) won 15-12; Stuart Hooker, Doug Holden, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) won 24-13; Dave Buckton,John Heathorn, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) lost 11-16; Sue Dobson,Rikki Kelly,John Simmons, Ros Hanbury (s) lost 10-27; Ron Prior, A;lan Somerville, Glyn Dobson, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 26-9.

Witterings 41 Petworth 50

Scores (friendly): Colin Carter, Brian Barnes, Stuart Hooker (s) won 18-11; David Gibbons, Doug Holden, Anne May (s) won 16-14; Val Hooker, Alan Somerville, Carole Tuffin(s) lost 7-25.

Witterings 79 Pulborough 76

There was a narrow win for Witterings in this first PC Cup match of the season.

Scores: Colin Carter, John Langworthy, John Hardy, Ken Clark (s) won 17-15; David Gibbons, Chris Jelf, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens(s) lost 16-17; Ron Prior, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 29-24; David Buckton, Tony Nixon, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost 17-20.


An event to go in the history books occurred when two teams from Crablands (Blues and Yellows) played each other in division two of the Game, Set and Match League. The Blues won 43-27.

Scores: Pat Osborn, Gill Oliver, Melva Bateman and Sue Blyth won 25-12; Chris Lewendon, Sarah Fewster, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles won 18-15.

Between the two teams, four ladies were playing in their first league game – Sarah Fewster, Gill Oliver, Cheryl Brown and Julia McClaren.

Crablands Ladies hosted the touring Caldicot Ladies from South Wales and had mixed fortunes, losing 63-54.

Scores: Julia McClaren, Margaret Whittle/Lil Tuck, Chris Lewendon and Val Foyle won 20-9; Sarah Fewster, Sue White, Jo Green and Joan Adams won 18-14; Gill Oliver, Val Tyrrell, Pat Terry and Carole Cornwell lost 11-14; Cheryl Brown, Hilary Cooper, Lesley Duff and Mollie Back lost.

Crablands entertained a mixed side from Portsmouth and District and lost overall, 93-112.

Scores: Tom Oliver, Lil Tuck, Rod Shambrook and Alan Blyth won 23-18; Sue White, Pat Terry, Frank Carrie and Lew Lewendon won 18-; Louise Arnold, Dave Osman, Dave White and Carol Bowles drew 12-12; Nigel Crump, John Cornwell, Melva Bateman and Tony Dade lost;

Gill Oliver, Danny Arnold, Val Foyle and Mark Heasman lost; Nigel Reynolds, Margaret Whittle, Albert Humphreys and Sue Blyth lost.


Grasshoppers 69 Southbourne 64

Southbourne had an away friendly with the Grasshoppers at the Worthing Pavilion bowls greens.

Of the four triples played Southbourne won on the two skipped by Margaret Odell and Jim Spivey. On the other two triples, the Grasshoppers won though Peter Garrard’s team were very close for the first half.

Scores: Joan Frost, Colin Bulbeck, Jim Jennings (s) lost 27:8; Eileene Keane, Irene Jennings, Peter Garrard (s) lost 20:12; Tony Budgeon, Graham Wilson, Margaret Odell (s) won 21:9; Kathy Shelley, Ted Badger, Jim Spivey (s) won 23:13.

Southbourne 82 Pulborough 81

Southbourne were at home to Chichester for their first West Sussex League division one match of the season. Southbourne won two rinks and Chichester on two but Southbourne just managed to pip Chichester to win by one shot giving Southbourne six points to Chichester’s four.

Scores: Ted Badger, Peter Garrard, Pete Jasinski, Antony Bull (s) beat Peter Whale, Colin Spicer, Brian Talmage, Mick Page (skip) 22:20; Colin Bulbeck, Len Mates, Andy Smith, Paul Bultler (s) beat Ian Linfield, Mick Campbell, Mike Bayfield, Brian Butler (skip) 22:18; Eddie Neuts, Dave Walter, Dave Fewell, Gary Wyatt (s) beat Peter Green, Nigel Dearman, Gary Miller, Matt Bonnar (skip) 22:20; Paul Simpson, Titch Ayres, Alex Horne, Mark Soper (s) lost 21-18 to Glyn Ball, Les Etherington, Kevin Ball, Tony Sayers (skip).


A busy three-day period for Fishbourne resulted in two wins and one loss.

A strong team of Sussex division four vice patrons visited for their annual fixture and won 69-46. It was a most enjoyable fixture and a good experience for the Fishbourne bowlers.

Skip results for Fishbourne: B Wallsgrove lost 17-20, P Winter lost 17-23, A Banham lost 12-26.

The next fixture was against Crofton from the Hampshire League and after a well-contested game Fishbourne won 60-57.

A visit to Hayling Island resulted in a win for Fishbourne by 65-60.

Fishbourne BC are holding another open day this Saturday and will welcome anybody who would like to try the game The green is situated behind Fishbourne Community Centre in Blackboy Lane. The day runs from 11am to 3pm. They also welcome any bowlers looking for a change of club.


West Dean 53 Midhurst 36

West Dean won their first match of the season at home on the rinks in West Dean Gardens. West Dean won on two rinks and lost on the third.

Scores: Pam Patterson, Roger Loten, Phil Muggeridge [s] won 15-12; Ann Hiscock, John Butterworth, Tony Boxall [s] won 26-3; Diana Carver, Philip Rawcliffe, David Turner [s] lost 12-21.


On a sunny but cold day at Waterloo Square 40 Bognor bowlers contested the opening match, which pitted the captain’s team and president’s team against one another. They played five rinks of four a side.

The captain’s side started the stronger and took an early lead which was never challenged.

The final score was 87-68, a win of 19 shots. It was three rinks to two but the resounding difference was Arthur Richardson’s win of 24-9 ersus Dave Matkins’ four.

Scores: A Richardson, J Keers, S Webster, G Dunham beat D Matkins, T Tack, P Jones, R Philpott 24-9; A Hall, G Cook, J Dyke, C Dunham beat R Robinson, R Taylor G Jones A Charlseworth 23-14; N Hatfield (captain), T Rextrew, A Knight, J Taylor beat Ned Waddock (president), R Osment, D Wells, L Carthew 15-13; L Hall, J Whitfield, B Charleworth, B Fitch lost 15-11 to M Bird, L Saunders, B Sandford, B Harvey; T Gaskin, P Lichfield, P Bunyan, N Short lost 17-13 to J Whitfield, G Stevens, J Johnston, M Keers.


Arun Indoor Bowls Club’s summer season got under way with the traditional captain v vice-captain match – and Pam Buckland’s vice-captain’s team took bragging rights by five shots, 95-90.

With captain Christine Hillier recovering after a serious operation, her duties were covered by Lynn Hathaway. The match was played as triples over 18 ends.

Although the captain’s team won four of the six rinks, the key was the vice-captain’s two winning rinks, 3-33 and 8-23.

Scores: Terry Finch, Bob Cairns, Ian Cooper beat Pat Phillips, Ron Stevens, Maureen King 14-13; Mary Fair, Evelyn Jones, Colin Gilham beat Joan Whetstone, Mike Millis, Alan Fisk 19-8; Alan Mullery, Resi Weidenhoeft, Marion Richards beat Pauline Aylward, Eileen Lawrence, Mike Bird 23-8; Geoff King, Pete Miles, Brenda McGovern lost to John Sparrow, Pam Buckland, Eric King 25-9; Rod Lincoln, Rosie Smith, Lynn Hathaway beat Jean Herdman, Brian Lilley, Andy Hunt 22-8; Peter Ward, Linda Cooper, Graham Finch lost to Betty Williams, Barbara Cairns, David Jones 3-33.

The inter-club season gets under way later this month with home games against Worthing and Horsham.