Davis Cup duo pass on Bright Ideas to Chichester tennis players

Chichester members enjoy the visit from the Davis Cup duo and Bright Ideas charity
Chichester members enjoy the visit from the Davis Cup duo and Bright Ideas charity

Bright Ideas for Tennis is a charity supporting tennis clubs in the UK by increasing membership numbers, raising participation levels and improving facilities.

Danny Sapsford, a former British Davis Cup player now representing the charity, visited Chichester Racquets and Fitness Club.

Supported by Luke Milligan, another former Davis Cup player, he delivered four fantastic coaching workshops to different groups of club members.

In the first session, 24 mini tennis players aged five to ten worked on their racquet skills, co-ordination and accuracy. The coaches organised tennis relays, skill team challenges and throwing practises. The mini players thoroughly enjoyed it.

The second workshop focused on developing power in forehand groundstrokes. The 18 teenagers who took part learned how to use their legs effectively to drive against the ground when hitting wide forehands and short forehands.

Sixteen social tennis players received an excellent session on approaching the net in doubles. Several drills were used to encourage the players to look for opportunities to attack the net and take the initiative in the rally.

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In the final session, 12 team players and captains received a masterclass in the role of the net player in doubles. The focus was on where to position yourself effectively at the net to intercept shots and how to defend effectively as a volleyer. The players improved their movement at the net and their awareness of positional play in doubles.

All money raised from the sessions remains at the club to be used on an appropriate project. The CRAFC tennis committee and Chichester Tennis Academy agreed to use the money to fund coaching sessions for two local SENS schools.

The day ended with an exhibition match involving Sapsford, Milligan and CRAFC tennis coaches Justin Pollard and Peter Cook. An entertaining encounter followed, with a great standard of tennis mixed with some humorous moments.

A big thank you went to Bright Ideas for Tennis, Pollard, staff at CRAFC and the tennis committee for organising the event.