It's Hall right for Bognor's winning darts pair

The mixed pairs winners, Rachel and Adam Hall
The mixed pairs winners, Rachel and Adam Hall

The first half of the Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League season concluded with the Sandy Carter Memorial Mixed Pairs knockout at Newtown Social Club.

A total of 27 pairs turned up to compete, a good turnout, and with last year’s champions not present, would it be down to other former champions to regain the title?

For Mazz Tupper and Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club), champions three years ago, it wasn’t to be, despite a 180 from Robinson, as they went out in round one.

The reigning summer league Mixed Pairs champions, Hayley Gatford and Tony Phillips (Hunston Hares), couldn’t find form and left the knockout in round two to Grace Austin and Martin Austin (Aldingbourne SC). Martin Austin managed a 180 in the win.

The first semi-final saw the Austins face Jill Mitchell (Newtown Clubbers) and Jamie Middleton (Aldwick Legion). Two tons from Martin Austin helped Grace hit the double for the first leg, but a ton from Mitchell in leg two and a 180 from Middleton in leg three set up Middleton to hit two doubles to take him and Mitchell into the final.

The second semi-final saw Rachel Hall and Adam Hall (Aldingbourne Mavericks) against their team-mate Paula Duckett and her partner Buster Barton (Claremont).

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Duckett is a two-time former champion and a summer Mixed Pairs champion with another partner, but despite her and Barton taking the first leg, and sharing four tons between them over three legs, the Halls shared big scores to take the second and third legs and the place in the final.

In the final Middleton won the bullseye. He hit a 140 on his second throw giving his team the lead. Adam Hall finally hit a ton allowing them to catch up, but both sides missed multiple doubles. Eventually Hall hit double one for the first leg.

The second leg saw Hall hit a ton to start the leg, and finally hit another at the end of the leg. Rachel Hall hit 64 to leave a finish that Adam took out in three darts for the second leg, while their opponents were on a finish.

In the third leg, Middleton hit a ton, but 115 from Rachel Hall left her son with a chance at a 170 finish. He could only hit 98, but on his next throw he only needed two darts to end the leg, taking the match 3-0 and the title of the Sandy Carter Memorial Mixed Pairs champions 2018-19.