It’s Middleton promotion party time again

Middleton bowlers and their sponsors
Middleton bowlers and their sponsors

Last year, Middleton ladies won promotion to the Game Set & Match first division. Now it is the turn of the Middleton mixed team in the second division of Brooks Motors League.

Storms threatened to wipe out any chance of play against Fishbourne but relented for the match to be completed.

With one match left to play, Middleton can win promotion as champions.

Scores: Mary Wootten, Ian Hart, John Wilson won 23-12; Valerie Maher, Peter Lush, Andrew Nurse won 24-13 Middleton 6 points.

Friendly: Pat Eccles, Jane Nurse, Jim Maher won 19-10.

Middleton 86 Marine Gardens 80

In the West Sussex League third division, winning their third match in a row, Middleton’s men have guaranteed they will finish higher in the league than for many a year.

Congratulations to men’s captain, Peter Lush, who is also captain of the mixed teams.

Scores: Jim Delaney, Peter Lush, John Graham, John Wilson won 28-14; Chopsie Chapman, Roger Phillips, Ian Hart, Gary Steventon lost 13-23; Terry Bridge, Ken Baker, Keith Berkley, Bob Colvin lost 18-19; John Green, Jim Maher, Trevor Finch, Andrew Nurse won 27-24. Middleton 6 points Marine Gardens 4 points

Middleton 62 Arundel 67

Scores (friendly): Angela Chandler, Pam Leach, Keith Berkley won 14-12; Judy Ludley, Phil James, Andrew Nurse lost 12-17, Jeff Read, Judy Ludley, Pat Eccles won 21-17; Jane Nurse, Jeff Pickard, Bob Bravington lost 15-21.

* The overall improvement of Middleton’s league teams this season might have something to do with the feelgood factor engendered by the club’s new team strip, kindly sponsored by Gary Longhurst for the men and Pat and Reg Eccles for the ladies.

On Saturday, club members turned out for sponsors’ day bowls and a cream tea to thank them for their generosity.


On a lovely afternoon at Hook, Crablands won 111-82.

Scores: Cyril Pestle, Maggie Brand, Lew Lewendon and Sue Blyth won 28-10; Cheryl Brown, Lil Tuck, Alan Blyth and John Cornwell won 20-14; Chris Lewendon, Jim Saunders, Melva Bateman and Tony Dade won 18-13; Elaine Sadler, Albert Humphreys, Joan Adams and Alan Bateman won 16-14; Nigel Reynolds, Grace Humphreys, Carole Cornwell and Richard Humphrey won 15-13; Lynn Carrie, Frank Carrie, Rod Shambrook and Ian Ford lost 14-18.

A friendly away to RAFA saw Crablands win on all three rinks, 53-31 the score.

Scores: Lynn Carrie, Frank Carrie and Richard Humphrey won 18-9; Mike Smith, Joan Adams and Rod Shambrook won 18-10; Jack Freeborough, Derrick Watson and Mollie Back won 17-12.

Another friendly, this time at home to Norfolk and featuring three men’s rinks, ended with Norfolk winning 79-33.

Crablands team: Eddie Willcocks, Graham Ainge, Albert Humphreys and Mark Heasman; Nigel Crump, Richard Green, Jack Freeborough and Frank Carrie; Peter Farrow, Jim Saunders, Keith Palin and Nigel Reynolds.

A Brooks Motors League match at home to Aldingbourne gained Crablands a welcome six points after they won on both rinks and by 49-27.

Scores: Mollie Back, Keith Palin and Rod Shambrook won 26-12; Grace Humphreys, Nigel Reynolds and Val Foyle won 23-15; (friendly): Sylvia Hawkes, Lil Tuck and Jim Saunders drew 21-21.

A WS League match away at Pagham gave Crablands men an eight-point victory by 99-57, placing them in a great position in the league.

Scores: Colin Marsh, Frank Carrie, Alan Blyth and Alan Bateman won 32-11; Nigel Reynolds, Peter Blackman, John Cornwell and Mark Heasman won 28-12; Keith Palin, Lew Lew, Tony Dade and Ian Ford won 29-13; Nigel Crump, Albert Humphreys, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey lost 10-21.

Crablands’ fab four of Chris Lewendon, Melva Bateman, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles travelled to Royal Leamington Spa to represent Sussex in the national ladies’ fours and beat Northamptonshire before just losing out to Devon. Congratulations go to them on a fantastic achievement.


Witterings 99 Little Spain 69

Witterings had a good win in their mixed friendly against Little Spain, winning on all rinks.

Scores: Helen Mason, Glyn Dobson and Brian Barnes (Sk) won 19-16, Geoff Harsant, Mark White and Diane Leach (Sk) won 24-9, Susan Hogarth, Colin Carter and Gwilym Morgan (Sk) won 17-15, Sue Dobson, Doug Holden and Fred Knotts (Sk)won 22-15, Graham Mason, Sheila Currell and Julie Mulligan (Sk) won 17-14.

Witterings 50 East Preston 16

Witterings ladies had another very good win in their Game Set & Match Leagues game against East Preston, winning all six points.

Scores: Sue Dobson, Chris Horsley, Barbara Newman and Anne May (Sk) won 17-11, Margaret Bowell, Maureen Mulligan, Diane Leach and Carole Tuffin (Sk) won 33-5.

Witterings 58 Pulborough 89

Despite close finishes on two rinks, Witterings were unable to glean any points against Pulborough.

Scores: R Prior, J Hardy, E Shoyer L Bangs (sk) lost 11-17; G Dobson, D Gibbons, D Bell ,R Stephens (sk) lost 10-30; S Hooker, B Barnes, G Morgan, J Langworthy (sk) lost 20-22; C Carter, B Smethurst, M White, K Clark (sk) lost 17-20.


Chichester A 124 Norfolk A 46

Chichester A are still on track to win the West Sussex League division-one title after taking the maximum ten points in their home match against Norfolk A.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Peter Green, Derek Leach, Nick Anderson (skip) won 25-20; Peter Whale, Mike Bayfield, Simon Tooley, Mick Page (skip) won 31-11; Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer, Brian Butler, Tony Sayers (skip) won 33-9; Kevin Ball, Guy Buckle, Gary Miller, Jim Davis (skip) won 35-6.

Worthing Pavilion A 99 Chichester A 67

Chichester A still head the West Sussex League division-one table despite taking only two points from their 32-shot defeat away to Worthing Pavilion A.

Scores: Guy Buckle, Mick Campbell, Peter Green, Matt Bonnar (skip) lost 29-12; Peter Whale, Derek Leach, Simon Tooley, Mick Page (skip) won 24-19; Ian Linfield, Peter Howick, Kevin Ball, Jim Davis (skip) lost 22-14; Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer, Brian Butler, Tony Sayers (skip) lost 29-17.


RAFA 36 Southbourne 28

In their Brooks Motors League match against RAFA, Southbourne had mixed fortunes.

There was a fairly easy win on the triple skipped by Malcolm Keane, but on the other triple the Southbourne bowlers found the green very difficult with all sorts of bumps and unexpected runs resulting in RAFA taking four of the six points.

Nevertheless it was an enjoyable afternoon with an excellent tea afterwards provided in the RAFA Club.

Scores: Eileen Keane, Eddie Neuts, Malcolm Keane (s) won 23:11; Irene Jennings, Dave Young, Margaret Odell (s) lost 25:5.

Southbourne 99 Bognor 58

In the West Sussex League Southbourne had a home return match against Bognor and had good wins on all four rinks to earn a valuable ten points, meanig Southbourne are secure in division one for another year

Scores: Paul Simpson, Peter Garrard, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) won 22:15; Pete Jasinski. Titch Ayres, Dave Fewell, Paul Butler (s) won 29:16; Malcolm Keane, Alan Shelley, Eddie Neuts, Dave Walter (s) won 23:11; Richard Galloway, Colin Bulbeck, Mark Soper, Andy Smith (s) won 25:16.

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West Dean 53 Little Spain 38

West Dean were the winners on all three rinks in this friendly in West Dean Gardens, and were winners overall by 15 shots.

Scores: Philip Rawcliffe, Ian Morrison, John Butterworth [s] won 17-13; Pam Patterson, Ann Hiscock, Tony Boxall [s] won 19-10; Diana Carver, John Jones, Andy Wood [s] won 17-15.

(|Chichester ladies win county title - Pagham miss out in Midhurst Cup}


Petersfield A 49 (3pts) Midhurst A 39 (1pt)

Midhurst A, needing three points to clinch the Three Counties League division-one title, came away with only one, losing to Petersfield A by ten shots overall.

Scores: Malcolm Hutchings, Catherin Dixon & Dave King won 14-10; Dot Berry, Terry Berry & Paul Chuter lost 16-18; Annie Chuter, John Pearce & Gerald Dixon lost 9-21.

Midhurst B 58 (5pts) Petersfield B 36 (0pts)

Midhurst B entertained Petersfield B ,winning overall by 22 shots and picking up five points, ensuring promotion to division three next season.

Scores: Sue Ralph, Phil Kingswell & Phil Wells won 23-12; Alan Ricketts, Richard Softly & Stuart Largan won 20-12; Howard Seymour, Colin Downham & Roy Ralph won 15-12.

In a weekend friendly Midhurst entertained Haslemere and won by 28 shots.

Scores: Martin Ruinet, Michael D,J.Smith & Paul Chuter lost 10-20; Delphine Clark, Diane Ruinet & Terry Berry won 18-15; Jack Jurado, Sue Ralph & Roy Ralph won 25-7; Stella Taite, Dot Berry & Annie Chuter won 26-9.


Arun IBC played a friendly against Adur but lost 144-79.

Scores: M Paige, E West, D Jones, R Weidenheoft 18-18; B McGovern, T Gibney, M Bacon, E King 13-17; D Champion, M Millis, E Lawrence, J Brazier 12-30; C Hillier, M Bird, J Ayling, L Hathaway 9-26; M Winter, J Greenfield, J Whetstone, M King 12-32; G King, S Simmonds; B Lawson, C Gilham 15-21.

Arun beat Grattons 121-101 in a friendly.

Scores: J Sparrow, E Lawrence, E West, C Gilham 16-19; B Arnell, C Evis, D Jones, M King 14-18; M Fair, T Arnell, A Boucher, P Hannam 32-12; C Hillier, M Bird, T Finch, A Fisk 13-22; R Cairns, I Nelson, B Cairns, G Finch 21-22; J Boucher, S Simmonds, J Ayling, R Weidenheoft 25-8.

Arun won 89-81 in a friendly against Worthing.

Scores: J Sparrow, B Williams, J Law (sub), C Gilham 27-12; M Fair, S Simmonds, K Keers, L Hathaway 23-16; C Hillier, J Greenfield, M Bird, P Buckland 14-16; A Payne, M Winter, T Gibney, A Fisk 9-23; M Keers, I Brooker, R Weidenheoft, M Richards 16-14.

Arun have only a few more pre-arranged friendlies to play before the end of the summer season. Leagues, competitions, organised roll-ups, mufti nights and Australian pairs continue.



Walberton 49 Hunston 69

Hunston had an enjoyable time at Walberton and we won on all three rinks.

Scores: J Smith, R King, T Hack, A Hack won 21-19; D Regan, R Moore, B Hodnett, R Stevens 19-16; A Harle, D Harding, J Hodnett, E Whiting 29-14.


Four members of Infinity travelled to Waterlooville, home of Portsdown Short Mat Bowls Club, to play in the Portsdown charity fours.

The team of Robin Armstrong, Chris Jeffery, Steve Jeffery and Richard Jeffery won their group but finished runners-up to the home team of Portsdown. On Saturday, Infinity will be playing in the West Sussex open threes at the county bowls HQ at Westergate. Why not go along and support?