Jack is the West Sussex champion of champions

Champion of champion Jack Rollings
Champion of champion Jack Rollings

West Sussex short mat bowlers held their champion of champions singles tournament – and Jack Rollings was the winner.

The singles champions of the clubs plus the county singles champion were competing for the title of champion of champions.

After the round-robin games the semi-finals matched The Martlets’ Mel Lillywhite against the county singles champion Rollings and Rollings took an early lead and ran out a comfortable winner 14-3.

The other game matched Infinity’s Chris Page against Crablands’ Denise Merritt and this was a very tight game in which Page just pulled away at the end to win 8-6.

In the final the two club-mates from Infinity faced each other and Rollings took an early 5-0 lead. Page then got into the game and pulled back but eventually ran out of ends with Rollings the winner by 9-8.

The county B team played Kent in a return friendly and after losing away at a very cold Kent venue last weekend they were looking for some revenge.

They ran out comfortable winners 30-10 for a very satisfying win against strong opposition.

In the singles Bognor’s David Stansmore won 24-6 and 23-7. In the pairs Celia and Alan Foot from Crablands, on their county debut, won 14-11 and 20-6.

In the triples Bognor’s Betty Williams and Crablands’ Bill Merritt lost 11-9 and won 11-10. In the fours Bognor’s Peta Watters with Fittleworth’s Marilyn Knight lost 19-6 and won 14-11 while Fittleworth’s Lorraine Berry, Bognor’s Peter Watters and West Chiltington’s Jenny and Roland Naldrett won 11-10 and 10-8.

Bowlers pair up for West Sussex title bid
Bowlers have a feast in the east

Following their successful start to the season, Arun fielded two mixed teams and won both games – before losing to outdoor club Pagham.

Against Banister Park, Arun won on all six rinks for a 193-78 victory.

Top rink was the one skipped by Ron Gardner.

Scores: B Lilley C Searl T Hayes JohnWhitfield (s) won 35-13; G King, J Whetstone, B McGovern, P White (s) won 25-16; E Keywood, D Wright, R Wiedenhoeft, A Hunt (s) won 29-12; P Lichfield, L Carthew, B Sanford, R Gardner (s) won 36-10; M Keers, A Murrall, R Smith, J Keers (s) won 20-12; P Jones, J Elliott, Jan Whitfield, M Johnson (s) won 18-15.

A much tougher game was played the following day when Denton Island visited with a very strong side, with three rinks won by each team. The result was 118-109 in favour of Arun. Mike Bird’s team were top rink.

Scores: P Lacy, J Whetstone, J Hamilton, J Keers (s) lost 18-25; E Keywood, J Elliott, P Miles, K Ball (s) won 22-11; C Chester, M Fair, J Adams, M Bird (s) won 25-9; M Keers, J Hazelgrove, G Cooke, C Horsley (s) lost 13-16; J Gibson, G King, R Wiedenhoeft, V Pickering (s) lost 11-32; C Hillier, M Millis, M Brand, S Miles (s) won 29-16.

The Pagham match was almost like an in-house game with most of the opposition also members of Arun. The visitors won 124-100, having won on four of the six rinks.

Scores: P Ward, J Whetstone, N Reynolds, P White (s) lost to A Calvert, P Quilter,T Hayes, R Hilder (s) 15-22; C Chester, S Webster, D Weight, J Muffett (s) lost to B Calvert, B Mumford, S Stocker, K Robini (s) 9-35; J Sales, D Jones, B Sales, P Green (s) beat E Terry, D Westcote, P Wakeford, J Fox (s) 24-7; T Cook, B Sanford, K Ball, T Sayers (s) beat B Smith, D Vaughan, Rosie Smith, R Pearson (s) 23-21; M Keers, J Ayling, G Stevens, J Keers (s) lost to A Burrell, D Cripp, M Adams, T Tack (s) 14-21; E Keywood, G King, M Bird, V Pickering (s) lost to P Langridge, L Cripp, P Burrell, P Mayoss (s) 15-19.

* Arun ladies played Worthing BC at home in their first league match of the season, winning on four of the five rinks for a very good win by 102-59.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Chris Horsley won 27-8; Eileen Fitch, Bridget Collins, Sue Miles, Wendy Adams won 27-12; Viv Greenaway, Maureen Bacon, Gill Conley, April Janman won 17-9; Janet Boucher, Sheila Stocker, Betty Spicer, Marion Richards won 17-11; Janet Whitfield, Lynn Hathaway, Margaret Phillips, Denise Latter lost 14-19.

Arun ladies travelled to Egham for a six-rink friendly, winning 112-110.

Scores: Chris Hillier, Kath Burnard, Joan Adams, Marion Richards won 29-7; Iris Brooker, Lynn Hathaway, Janet Whitfield, Gill Conley won 21-14; Edna Keywood, Lorraine Wood, Mary Potter, Carol Bowles won 18-14; Chris Hobbs, Chris Chapman, Resi Wiedenheoft, Margaret Phillips won 18-16; Jan Hazelgrove, Mary Fair, Jenny Hamilton, Lynn Hathaway lost 12-23 Maureen Tyrell, Penny Jones, Chris Horsley, Betty Spicer lost 14-26.


Southbourne Rovers 62 Nyetimber Lions 23

Rovers were very pleased with a good win in a home match against Nyetimber Lions to take all six points.

Scores: Eileen Keane, Irene Jennings, Jim Spivey, Alan Shelley (s) won 37-8; Mary Thornton, Joan Frost, Peter Garrard, Alan Williams (s) won 25-15.


Lavant played Walberton in a friendly and game came away with a 67-50 win.

Mat one under Peter Winter’s leadership won 22-15, while mat two had a closer win of 19-16 under Terry Haigh’s guidance. Peter Whale took his team to a good win of 26-19 on mat three.


Hunston played away to Crablands and despite winning on two mats and losing on only one, they lost 66-51.

Scores: D Greenfield, D Reran, A Harle, E Whiting 9-33; J Smith, J Stubbs, A Hack, R Stevens 23-20; B Hodnett, R King, T Hack 19-13.


In their third league match, Infinity hosted The Martlets.

On mat one Robin Armstrong, Pauline Jeffery, Steve Jeffery and Chris Page had a good win by 21-14. On mat two John Simms, Denise Kirby, Jack Rollings and Charlotte Rollings came up against a very strong four from The Martlets, who took the lead early and maintained it until the end despite a strong fightback. Infinity finished up losing 21-19.

Infinity take four points from the game, giving them 16 points in the league.


The Eagles took all six points from Arundel Mullets in two very interesting games – with one mat romping to a 15-shot win and

the second mat slowed in the middle but came back to win by six shots.

The friendly mat struggled but only lost by five shots.

Scores: S Weeks, S Trussler, C Morgan, R Weeks won 24-9; A Knight, D Morgan, C Dixon, T Berry won 21-15; (friendly): S Tait, C Harkness, S Enticknap, B Osbourne lost 13-15.