Sea Breeze put wind up Brown Rudnick to land polo's Lodsworth Cup

The Lodsworth Cup winners / Picture by Mark Beaumont
The Lodsworth Cup winners / Picture by Mark Beaumont

The 2019 Lodsworth Village four-goal cup attracted a high entry.  Nine teams entered with Wilf Fine’s Sea Breeze side making it to the final to face Louisa Watts’ Brown Rudnick.

The young Sea Breeze team saw Wilf Fine (no goals) at the front door, Alfie Hyde (one goal) at No2, Will Harper (two goals) at three and Angus Rowan-Hamilton at back.

Watts (-1) took the No1 slot for Brown Rudnick with Evan Power (no goals) at two, Lachie Gilmore (two goals) at No3 and Edward Banner-Eve (three goals) at back.

First mark on the scoreboard came from Banner-Eve for Brown Rudnick with an unopposed run to Sea Breeze’s goal. Banner-Eve and Gilmore continued the attack but sent shots wide.

An infringement allowed Sea Breeze’s youngest team member, Hyde, to send a brilliant 60-yard penalty shot between the posts to level. When Sea Breeze were awarded another 60-yard penalty, an on-fire Hyde scored and the chukka ended with Sea Breeze 2-1 up.

The second chukka opened with Banner-Eve on the attack. A great steal by Hyde, who ran the ball all the way through the posts for 3-1, indicated how talented this young player is. Harper took Sea Breeze on to 4-1 with a super field goal, Banner-Eve replying, and Sea Breeze went into half-time 4-2 ahead.

Into the third chukka, a well-aimed ball from Power allowed Gilmore to pull back a goal for Brown Rudnick. However, the team incurred a penalty, giving a free hit from the centre line to Sea Breeze. Rowan-Hamilton sent the ball to Harper who moved it on, Hyde finishing the attack and taking his side 5-3 up.

Banner-Eve continued to fight for Brown Rudnick, but his next try at goal was stopped by a great clearance from Rowan-Hamilton. Another goal came from Hyde before Banner-Eve and Gilmore’s persistence paid off and Gilmore sneaked a ball through the Sea Breeze defenceto score, the chukka ending with Sea Breeze 6-4 ahead.

In the final chukka Banner-Eve demonstrated his three-goal prowess by working his way round all the orange shirts of Sea Breeze to pull Brown Rudnick up to within a goal of Sea Breeze. However, awarded a penalty, Gilmore sent his 60-yard shot wide.

Fine sent a huge shot to Hyde, whose cut shot failed to find its mark. With less than 60 seconds to go, Banner-Eve hit the ball in from the back line,

Gilmore tapped it forward leaving it for Banner-Eve, but the final whistle saw victory for Sea Breeze at 6-5.

The Lodsworth Village Cup was presented to Wilf Fine by Ron Fine, his proud grandfather, who also presented individual prizes to all players.

In the subsidiary final, Waireka beat Verdley Farm 8-7.