Tarring triumph for Chichester ... Southbourne have to call off fours

Crablands ladies / Picture by Kate Shemilt
Crablands ladies / Picture by Kate Shemilt

We've action from Chichester, Southbourne, Crablands, Witterings, Fishbourne, Pagham, Midhurst, Bognor and Arun in our latest bowls round-up.


Tarring Priory A 30 Chichester A 37

Chichester A were away to Tarring Priory A in the second round of the National Club Two Fours competition. Chichester won by seven shots.

Scores: Peter Green, Stuart Meyer, Nick Anderson, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 2116; Peter Whale, Kevin Ball, Gary Miller, Tony Sayers (skip) won 16-14.

Chichester A 101 Crablands 63

With wins on all four rinks Chichester A took the maximum ten points from their West Sussex League division one match at home to


Scores: Glyn Ball, Stuart Meyer, Kevin Ball, Tony Sayers (skip) beat Alan Bateman, Albert Humphreys, Peter Blackman and Mark Heasman 20-16; Ian Linfield, Chas Campling, Brian Butler, Nick Anderson (skip)

beat Colin Marsh, John Cornwell, Tony Dade and Ian Ford 21-16; Peter Whale, Les Etherington, Brian Talmage, Mick Page (skip) beat Nigel Crump, Alan Blyth, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey 24-19; Peter Green, Mick Campbell, Gary Miller, Matt Bonnar (skip) beat Nigel Reynolds, Richard Green, Lew Lewendon and Tony Hanlon 36-12.

Lindfield 15 Chichester B 26

Chichester B travelled to Lindfield for the second round of the Edward Rowland Trophy. Chichester maintained their advantage throughout to win by 11 shots.

Scores: Peter Whale, Kevin Ball, Nick Anderson, Tony Sayers (skip) won 26-15.

Chichester 121 Graffham 34

Chichester eased into the second round of the Midhurst Cup with a victory against Graffham, both their home and away teams winning


Scores: Home - Glyn Ball, Mercedes Neilson, Kevin Ball (skip) won 37-4; Steph Baverstock, Peter Green, Brian Butler (skip) won 37-8; Away - Guy Buckle, Sue Miles, Nick Anderson (skip) won 27-12; Lis Campling, Duncan Gray, Mike Bayfield (skip) won 20-10.

Goring Manor 62 Chichester 52

In a mixed friendly at Goring Manor Chichester lost by ten shots.

Scores: Richard Smith, Norman Burwell, Peter Merritt (skip) won 17-13; Richard New, Stuart Wilson, Paul Chivers (skip) lost 18-10; Frances Downing, Mike Davis, Mike Bayfield (skip) won 16-14; Chris Corbett, Peter Hague, Tony Daines (skip) lost 17-9.

Chichester 56 Rogate 37

Chichester pulled away over the second half of this mixed friendly to win by 19 shots.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Stuart Wilson, Mike Bayfield (skip) won 22-11; Frances Downing, Mike Lewis, Chris Wade (skip) won 19-9; Chris Gardner, Stephen Goddard, Peter White (skip) lost 17-15.

Chichester 100 East Preston 113

Chichester entertained East Preston in a mixed friendly but the visitors snatched a 13-shot victory.

Scores: Lis Campling, Maggie Maggs, Peter White, Mike Bayfield (skip) lost 18-16; Heather Farmer, Jeff Richardson, Chris Corbett, Les Shipp (skip) lost 26-12; Frances Downing, Richard New, Chas Campling, Peter Merritt (skip) lost 25-21; Paul Chivers, Rosemary Manning, Tony Daines, Terry Wiseman (skip) won 23-8; Kirk Hardman, Stuart Wilson, Bob Manning, Mercedes Neilson (skip) won 21-16; Richard Smith, Steph Baverstock, Colin Hulbert, Jim Neilson (skip) lost 20-7.


Southbourne have apologised to bowlers who were hoping to play in their Open Fours competition last Sunday. They had insufficient applications to make the event worth running. A spokesman said: “Please look out next year for the event, which will be in our club’s 100th anniversary year.”

Southbourne 41 Petworth 26

Soutbourne had a good result in their home BML (Brooke Motors League) match against Petworth with wins on both triples to take all six points.

Scores: Joan Frost, Margaret Odell, Malcolm Keane (s) won 23:10; Irene Jennings, Eileen Keane, Alan Williams (s) won 18:16.

Tarring Priory 79 Southbourne 79

Southbourne had a very close fought WSBL away match to Tarring Priory. Of the four rinks played, Southbourne won two with the other two going to Tarring Priory.

At the end of the match the result was all-square with Southbourne taking five points and Tarring Priory the other five.

Scores: Colin Bulbeck, Titch Ayres, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) lost 25:21; Paul Simpson, Rus Godfrey, Dave Alner, Mark Soper (s) lost 22:15; Richard Galloway, Alan Williams, Pete Jasinski, Antony Bull (s) won 23:21; Dave Walter, Eddie Neuts, Dave Fewell, Gary Wyatt (s) won 20:11.

Little Spain 49 Southbourne 47

On a pleasant sunny afternoon Southbourne met Little Spain in a friendly.

Southbourne had a good win on the triple skipped by David Young. On the triple skipped by Alan Williams, Southbourne started slowly but were catching up fast. On the third, Little Spain had a fairly easy win. After the match an excellent tea was supplied by Little Spain.

Scores: Ted Badger, Malcolm Keane, Jim Jennings (s) lost 22:8; John Staker, Irene Jennings, Alan Williams (s) lost 17:15; Joan Frost, Margaret Odell, David Young (s) won 24:10.

Worthing 4 Southbourne 1

Southbourne visited Worthing in round two of the Bowls England Top Club. Five matches were played, a rink, a triple, a pair, a single and a two-wood single.

Though several of the matches were close Southbourne only managed a win on the Singles match played by Andy Smith; on this match the scores were all even at 20:20 on the penultimate end with Andy taking two shots on the final end to win the game.

Scores - Rink: P Jasinski, Richard Webb, Dave Fewell, Gary Wyatt (s) lost 20:18; Triple: David Young, Dave Alner, Mark Soper (s) lost 21:15; Pair: Dave Walter, Paul Butler (s) lost 24:17; Single: Andy Smith won 22:20; Two wood single: Malcolm Keane lost 19:9.


The club’s men played a West Sussex League game at home to Pagham in rainy conditions. Crablands gained six out of ten points with a win of 84-80.

Scores: Colin Marsh, John Cornwell, Tony Dade and Ian Ford won 28-15; Doug Muncey, Lew Lewendon, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey won 25-17; Nigel Reynolds, Tony Hanlon, Alan Bateman and Les Jewiss lost 17-21; Nigel Crump, Alan Blyth, Peter Blackman and Mark Heasman lost 14-27.

Crablands Ladies met strong opposition at home to Worthing Pavillion in the Top Club competition, and despite winning on two rinks, they have bowed out. The overall score was 78-72, so it was a valiant effort.

Scores - Singles: Sheila Jones won 21-16; Fours: Pat Terry, Grace Humphreys, Lesley Duff and Sue Blyth won 21-15; Triples: Elaine Sadler, Melva Bateman and Mollie Back lost 18-23; Pairs: Chris Lewendon and Carol Bowles lost 12-24.

In the Brooks Motors League, Crablands travelled to Witterings and ended up empty-handed. Witterings took all six points.

Scores: Sarah Fewster, David Osman and John Cornwell lost 14-25; Julia McLaren, Jim Tyrrell and Les Jewiss lost 8-25.

Rain stopped play in two ladies’ league matches. The Blues and Yellows were due to play East Preston Blues and Yellows at home but ended up sharing the points - three each. Crablands Yellows were scheduled to play Pagham but a waterlogged green put paid to that too.

Crablands men hosted Worthing Pavilion A in division one of the West Sussex League and gained a valuable four points in a 71-73 win.

Scores: Nigel Crump, Alan Blyth, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey won 28-11; Alan Bateman, Albert Humphreys, Peter Blackman and Mark Heasman won 19-16; Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon, Tony Hanlon and Les Jewiss lost 11-19; Colin Marsh, John Cornwell, Tony Dade and Ian Ford lost 13-27.

The ladies travelled to Witterings for a friendly, winning on one rink and losing on two, but winning 44-43.

Scores: Sarah Fewster, Gill Oliver, Maggie Brand and Lesley Duff won 23-9; Cheryl Brown, Margaret Whittle, Melva Bateman and Mollie Back lost 13-16; Pat Osborn, Lil Tuck, Val Tyrrell and Carole Cornwell lost 8-18.

Captain’s Day was a great success. More than 40 players enjoyed playing – new and established bowlers joining in.

The day raised more than £100 for this year’s charity - Selsey Carers - by way of a spider and a raffle of donated prizes, presided over by Carol and Nigel Reynolds. Carole Cornwell and her helpers presented a wonderful feast afterwards and Dave Bowles provided bowls of punch.

Dave Bowles won the spider (with a wood bowled by Alan Bateman) and donated his winnings to the charity.

Winners of the bowling were Dave Osman, Lil Tuck, Albert Humphreys and Mark Heasman. Runners-up were Susan Jackson, Barbara Winter, Tom Oliver and Alan Blyth.

* Congratulations to Chris Lewendon, Melva Bateman, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles for reaching the semi-final of the county fours, to be held at Preston BC, and to Chris, Sheila and Carol for reaching the semi-final of the county triples.


Witterings 87 Middleton 68

In the WS League, Witterings had a good result on two rinks and secured an overall win and six points.

Scores: Chris Jelf, Tony Nixon, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) lost 18-26; Stuart Hooker, Doug Holden, Dave Bell, Gwilym Morgan (s) won 31-11; Colin Carter, Bryan Smethurst, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) won 24-13; John Hardy, David Gibbons, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 14-18.

Witterings 31 Pagham 36

Scores (BM League): Ron Prior, Ros Hanbury, Anne May (s) drew 15-15; Marion Corbett, Doug Holden, Stuart Hooke (s) lost 16-21; (friendly):

Natalie Scollick, Jan Twynham, Mark White (s) lost 15-18.

Witterings 54 Petworth 110

Scores (WS League): Chris Jelf, Tony Nixon, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) lost 8-39; Stuart Hooker, Doug Holden, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost 16-24; Ron Prior, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 15-20; Colin Carter, John Hardy, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) lost 15-27. 10pts Petworth.


Fishbourne earned a six-point in the Brooks Motors League by beating Pagham 40-27, with the friendly going to Fishbourne 32-9.

Visiting West Dean resulted in the home side winning 70-44. Fishbourne had one winning triple, the team of N Hayward, Christine Holt and Keith Palin, who won 18-12.

A match against RAFA at Bognor was rained off, as was the trip to Haslemere for the first round of the Holbrook Cup.

A win for Fishbourne came against Emsworth thanks to a good result for the triple of Pat Hayward, Christine Holt and Martin Reed, who won 21-4. The other two triples lost.

In the first round of the Midhurst Cup, Fishbourne lost to Liphook by 16 shots despite a good performance by the two Fishbourne triples playing away, who won 41-28.

The two triples playing at home lost heavily 50-21. Liphook proceed to the second round.

In very windy and difficult conditions at Little Spain in Selsey, Fishbourne lost to the home team.


Bognor ladies played Witterings in a Game Set & Match League division one game. Bognor won on one rink and overall by two shots to earn four league points. Witterings won the friendly triples.

Witterings took two points, Bognor four.

Scores: Christine Dunham, Lyn Carthew, Anne Parry, Margaret Phillips lost 15-18 to Marion Corbett, Val Hooker, Barbara Newman and Anne May; Louise Saunders, Penny Jones, Janet Whitfield, Jenny Gibson beat Julie Mulligan, Sue Dobson, Ros Hanbury and Chris Horsley 15-10; (friendly) - Edna Keywood, Beryl Charlesworth, Jean Spiers lost 14-17.

The friendly match was a challenge for the Wittering bowlers (2 new bowling ladies) but they fought back well with a credible result.

In the County Double Rink competition for the Abergavenny Cup Bognor faced Middleton and won on both rinks with an overall score of 51-30

Scores: Home - K Hellyer, G Stevens, T Tack and N Hatfield won 25-18; Away - D Ford, L Hall, J Keers and J Whitfield.

BognorA v Maltravers

In the West Sussex League division two, Bognor won 88-64, winning on three rinks and drawing on the other. Bognor took nine points out of ten.

Scores: M Conolly, D Wells, N Waddock, A Richardson 22-12; D Ford, D Matkins, R Robinson, R Gardner 19-18, P Lichfield, G Stevens, J Whitfield, T Tack 28-15; K Hellyer, R Osment, J Keers, N Hatfield 19-19.

Bognor A v Pulborough

There was a close game against Pulborough in the West Sussex League, Bognor edging it 85-75 and winning on two rinks out of four.

That gave Bognor six points.

Scores: D Jackson, B Hey, J Keers, N Hatfield 27-18; M Conolly, D Wells, N Waddock, A Richardson 16-23; P Lichfield, G Stevens, J Whitfield, T Tack 15-24; D Ford, R Osment, R Gardner, M Edgecock 27-10.


A men’s two-rink game in the Abergavenny Cup, with one rink at home and one away, brought a 43-32 win over Witterings.

Scores - away - R Pearson, Dan Cripp, Roger Dear, Mike English won 22-15; home - P Wakeford, T Plows, T Hayes, P Mayoss won 21-17.

Two mixed triples played in the BM League againat Fishbourne and won 40-27. Pagham’s friendly rink also won.

Scores: D Cripp, M Adams, J Robini won 18-13; B Calvert, J Cowley, K Robini won 22-14; (friendly rink): L Cripp, A Ross, J Cowley won 32-9.

A men’s four-rink league match versus Norfolk ended in a 78-66 loss for Pagham and two points.

Scores: T Wells, C Stone, R Read, J Jones won 16-15; T Plows, K Robini, T Hayes, R Dear lost 22-21; P Langridge, P Burrell, R Hilder, P Mayoss;

R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English lost 13-22.

Two mixed triples played in the BM League against Witterings and won 36-32.

Scores: D Crip, R Dear, J Robini won 21-16; H Dear, S Stocker, K Robini lost 15-16.


Milford A 47 Midhurst A 43

In the Three Counties Bowls Fellowship league, Midhurst A lost to Milford A by four shots.

Scores: Anne Chuter, John Pearce & Gerald Dixon lost 11-17; Catherine Dixon, Terry Berry & Dave King won 15-13; Bob Butterfield, Malcolm Hutchings & Paul Chuter drew 17-17. Milford 3.5pts, Midhurst 1.5 pts

Midhurst B 45 Farnham 62

Midhurst B lost on all three rinks at home to Farnham.

Scores: Stella Tate, Alan Rickets & Colin Downham lost 9-19; Sue Ralph, Richard Softly & Roy Ralph lost 20-26; Delphine Clark, Howard Seymour & Phil Kingswell lost 16-17. Midhurst 0pts, Farnham 5pts.

Bourne 63 Midhurst B 41

Midhurst B visited Bourne and lost on two of the three rinks.

Scores: Alan Rickets, Richard Softly & Stuart Largan won 16-15; Sue Ralph, Colin Downham & Roy Ralph lost 13-15; Delphine Clark, Phil Kingswell & Phil Wells lost 12-33.

Midhurst 73 Goring 59

In a friendly, Midhurst entertained Goring Manor and won by 14 shots.

Scores: Delphine Clark, Jack Lee & Terry Berry won 28-10; Lilly Kingswell, Jack Jarado & Phil Kingswell lost 11-16; Michael D.J.Smith, Diane Ruinet & Phil Wells lost 15-20; Colin Langridge, Stelle Taite & Malcolm Hutchings won 18-13.


Arun’s indoor bowls team continued with their winning ways when they entertained Horsham.

It was another close finish, with the top rink scoring their second six of the match on the last end to give Arun a 123-116 victory.

The overall score changed hands four times during the course of the match with never more than four shots separating the two teams until the last end.

The top rink was skipped by newcomer Ian Cooper, who was supported by his wife Linda and John Sparrow and Rosie Smith. Their score on rink six was 32-16.

Other scores: A Foster, G King, A Giddings, R Weidenhoeft (s) lost 15-25; P Miles, P Simmonds, M King, J Newell (s) won 18-17; V Greenaway, J Foster, P Collyer, A Fisk (s) lost 12-30; D Collyer, A Durrell, J Greenfield, G Debenham (s) won 25-12; I Booker, B Lawson, J Elliot, E King (s) won 21-16.