Westgate gymnasts shine among elite in Guildford

The successful Westgate gymnasts
The successful Westgate gymnasts

The South East Regional Floor and Vault competition took place in Guildford and 15 members of Westgate Gymnastics advanced, bronze, silver and gold squads were in attendance.

During the first round all Westgate’s gymnasts were competing in higher levels for their first time and achieved very commendable results.

In the advanced 2008 category against 24 gymnasts, Amelia Pollard performed confidently to take a sixth-place rosette.

Her team-mates Mathilda Linford, Lily Turner, Charlotte Lewis and Grace Budd also all held their nerves together well considering none had performed a routine to music before.

Kyah Barnett competed in the advanced category two 2010, obtaining fifth place overall.

In the 2008/2009 age groups, Amaya Armah-White took the silver overall in bronze level and Daisy Bence performed a new vault to also take the silver medal in the silver level.

In the second round Emily Fellows produced a fantastic floor routine and first-class half on/half off vault to give her the gold medal overall.

Grace Callaway and Amelie Potts took a joint fifth rosette and Emma Waltho placed sixth. Hannah Thomas also competed for the first time with a music floor routine.

In the third round in the silver 2005 category, Dani Sycz competed a first-place vault and took fourth overall. Loretta West competed in the advanced category and came home with sixth-place rosette.

Westgate Gymnastics coaches have been extremely pleased with all the gymnasts’ achievements over recent months.