All the president’s men prove too hot for Arun

Members of the West Wittering shortmat bowls team.'''Photo by Louise Adams C130068-1 Spt Bowls WestWitt
Members of the West Wittering shortmat bowls team.'''Photo by Louise Adams C130068-1 Spt Bowls WestWitt


Arun ladies played a friendly against Sutton IBC and won 111-105.

Scores: J Simmons, B Bonnar, R Wiedenheoft, F Ireland drew 13-13; P Rampton, J Lindley, M Bacon, M Richards lost 34-5; E Fitch, E Cooke, P Terry, C Horsley won 23-19; J Boucher, L Hathaway, J Whitfield, B Jones won 21-14; S Pugh, K Burnard, I Morris, M Phillips won 21-10; J Foster, M Fair, L Napper, G Conley won 28-15.

Arun ladies played a friendly against Egham IBC, winning 144-104.

Scores: M Potter, S Stocker, B Collins, M Phillips won 42-11; J Foster, V Foyle, I Brooker, S Hart lost 23-21; D Mitchell, L Napper, P Terry, G Conley lost 25-15; P Rampton, M Bacon, S Miles, F Ireland won 31-11; J Boucher, S Pickard, J Taffurelli, M Brown won 18-17; E Fitch, M Fair, S Judd, M King drew 17-17.

Arun Ladies visited Grattons IBC in the league and triumphed 146-65.

Scores: V Greenaway, E Cooke, M Phillips, C Horsley won 26-11; E Fitch, S Pickard, J Taffurelli, M Brown won 22-14; P Rampton, M Bacon, J Whitfield, B Jones won 27-10; I Brooker, L Napper, G Conley, D Latter won 30-7; D Anderson, B Collins, B Spicer, A Janman drew 15-15; C Hobbs, S Miles, M Richards, W Adams won 26-8.

Arun 106 Past Presidents 137

When Arun entertained the Sussex Past Presidents, they lost on four rinks and won on two - but a good day was had by all.

Scores: G Arnold, C Burnard, J Dyke, G Cutts lost 24-18; G Finch, I Nelson, A Avery, J Pickard won 28-16; C Chestre, S Wilson, C Radford, M English won 21-17; B Jones, W Branford, B Stanford, R Gardner lost 33-7; F Smith, E Chapman, E Dewing, R Friday lost 20-16; D Taffurelli, AWilkins, D Spinks, D Adams lost 27-16.

Arun 88 Worthing 103

Arun lost this five-rink Sussex League game - losing on three rinks, drawing on one and winning on one. Arun took 1.8 points, Worthing 9.2.

Scores: D Jackson, D Ford, R Bell, T Sayers lost 21-18; R Lincoln, B Why, B Horsley, L Corne won 19-16; I Linfield, D Sayers, F Taylor, R Hobbs lost 20-16; P Green, PJ White, B Napper, J Weatherall drew 22-22; R Leggett, M Johnston, E King, G Leaman lost 24-13.

Eastbourne 90 Arun 139

Arun had a great win at Eastbourne. The match was played in good sprit with a free drink to the first Arun player to get a bit of chalk. Arun won on five rinks and lost on one.

Scores: A Harrison, J Gilpin, J Lindley, D Adams lost 22-12; A Harrison, W Branford, R Bishop, R Gardner won 22-15; B Why, A Blyth, E McRae, I McRae won 31-9; J Watson, S Blyth, D Spink, J Muffett won 20-19; G Whitaker, B Jones, F Taylor, JP Brown won 26-12; B Foyle, V Foyle, V May, M Brown won 28-13.


West Sussex B visited East Sussex for a friendly and started the match very impressively, winning all four games in the first session and repeating this in the second session for a 16-0 lead at lunch.

The pattern was repeated in the afternoon with a clean sweep of all games for the first ever 40-0 scoreline achieved by the county B team.

In the singles Bognor’s Freddie Kaucher won 15-8 and 16-15 while Crablands’ Mollie Back won 21-12 and 16-7. In the triples Bognor’s Les Dray won 17-8 and 13-7. In the fours Bognor’s Pam Smith won 12-6 and 10-9.


A home match against Storrington saw Lavant Blue improve on their earlier away fixture against them.

On mat one, from being 8-8 after 11 ends, Blue swept forward to win by 14 shots. Mat two held the lead all the way but piled on the pressure towards the end to win by 13 shots.

Scores: B Wallsgrove B Cooper, M Winter, J Lee won 24-10; T Boxall, P Massey, P Sharrod, J Conway won 25-12.

Lavant Red’s visit to face Ashington Swans proved to be a nail-biting match.

On mat one Red trailed all the way and were four shots behind at end 16. They scored seven shots, with three on the last end and Swans scoring only two, resulting in a one-shot win for Lavant.

Mat two brought more of the same with Red three shots behind at end 19. They took the last two ends with single shots, losing by one shot. The overall score was 38-38 so bonus points were shared.

Scores: P Whale, P Beardmore, J Sharrod , R Harding won 20-19; P Winter, D May, R Peirce, J Simms lost 19-18.


Bognor Goodwoods Silver were unable to stop either their own run of defeats or Nyetimber Gold’s unbeaten run when the two teams met in the league.

On mat one, M Williams, B Baines, P Smith and skip B Williams were totally outscored by L Griffiths, J Leak, B Crew and I.Hathaway (skip) and won only five ends on their way to a 29-7 defeat.

There was a hard-fought game on mat two, with Silver’s D Lovell, S Hayter, J Hanson and L Dray (s) scoring one on the final end to gain a 13-13 draw against A Crew, P Mussell, D Kirby and T Mussell (s).

It was also a close finish on the friendly mat where D Dray, J Hayter, F Kaucher and G King (s) held off a strong comeback by Golds’ S Lyons, M Hatch, R Hatch and skip A Foot to win 24-22.


Bowlers at the West Wittering club (pictured above) are inviting newcomers to give the shoret-mat game a try.

The club were formed in 1999 and have grown from their early days, now having more than 50 playing members, both men and women of a wide age range.

One of their oldest members still playing regularly is 91-year-old Molly Pope.

They meet five times a week - on Monday morning and afternoon and three times on Thursdays. They play friendly matches against other clubs in the area and have some success, but are always trying to give every member the opportunity who wishes, the chance to play in one of the friendlies.

They always welcome new members of any age and have some spare sets of bowls - so all that’s needed initially is a pair of flat soft shoes. Anyone interested should go along on Monday either at 9.15am or 1.45pm and take the chance of trying out the game - just ask for the group leader.

.If after three sessions you feel you would like to join you can complete a membership application, pay the subscription -currently £10 - for the first year, and enjoy your bowling.


Donnington managed to raise four rinks from their small club to travel to the Crablands club in Selsey where they faced up to formidale senior players

and were defeated 119-45.

It was a learning exercise on very different mats they were used to at home.

All the Donnington players enjoyed the experience and they look forward to improving their game by the next time the two teams meet.

Donnington: Brian Aston, Janine Bartlett, Tony White,PeterSkinner, Joan Jones, Rob Stone, Wendy White, Brian Taylor, George Beagley, Wendy Dean, June Martinelli, Vic Mitchell, Lavinia Brooks, Alan Banham, Trevor Wilson, Marion Corbett.


Fittleworth won on one mat and lost on the other when they played Lavant Red. They won overall 36-33 and took four points .

Scores: Murial Cook, Bernard Adsett, Alan Jordan, David Herbert won 20-13; Lynn White, Alvar Hetherington, Gina Barnfield, Charlie Martin lost 20-16; (friendly): Pauline Gilpin, Jane Adsett, Tony Broughton, Marc Wood won 22-14.


(john brown pic)

The Martlets reached the semi-finals of the West Sussex County K/O Cup after a close victory at Ashington. There was a win for each side over the two mats,but the game ended 44-39 in favour of The Martlets.

John Brown, Chris Blackman, Malcolm Rollings and Jack Rollings lost 23-18 to Gillian Weston’s rink but Marion Rolph, Mel Lillywhite, Chris Rolph and Marc Lancaster enjoyed a ten-shot victory over Allen Tolley’s home team, 26-16.

The Martlets will now take part in the KO Cup semis and finals day at Westergate’s Six Villages Sports Centre in April.