Amazons get revenge on Cougars

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BOGNOR Amazons tipped off their new basketball season by trying to even an old score with Brighton Cougars at The Arena.

Having narrowly missed out on winning the cup final to Cougars in the summer, Amazons had a grudge to bear and wanted to start the season with a win against their biggest rivals in the league.

It looked promising from the outset for Amazons, who sported a full bench of players, next to Cougars who had only six to keep them going for the entire game.

Amazons, in their first competitive outing for five months, had good intensity on offense which led to two quick scores.

It was a slow-scoring quarter, as both teams opted for a zone defence.

As the seconds ticked down, Amazons got the ball under their basket and Ellie Thorne utilised her quick turn of pace to pull up far outside the three-point line for a dazzling buzzer beater as they ended the quarter with a 11-5 lead.

As in the first ten minutes, Amazons ended the second quarter on team fouls, giving Cougars the opportunity to draw some free throws. Amazons reacted by taking more care and gave away only one further foul in the tenth minute and they led 25-15 at the half.

Worried that their third-quarter blues would continue to haunt them this season, Amazons focused on their offense and used simple pass and cut motions to create movement and spaces within the key.

In the first four minutes they scored 11 of their 13 points that quarter, but allowed the tables to turn in the second part of the quarter for Cougars to have a run of three unanswered baskets, finishing on 23 to Amazons’ 38.

The final ten minutes of the game saw a much more even state of play, with baskets being traded back and forth between the teams.

It appeared that Amazons pulled their defence back slightly, committing no fouls in the entire quarter and allowing Cougars to outscore them by two, but Amazons finished the game with an impressive 50-37 win.