Apuldram anglers set to catch more action

Apuldram anglers with the 2013 prizes
Apuldram anglers with the 2013 prizes

Apuldram Fishing and Boat Club are looking back on a busy 2013 - with plenty of action in store in the coming year too.

It was an unusual start to the 2013 season for members of the sea-angling club based at Dell Quay. It started early in March in a cold spell during which flounders, bass and eels were difficult to find.

As the weather improved, the mullet returned and several species of fish were caught. This included a bass of more than 4lb, using harbour rag worm as bait.

A number of members caught mullet in the early stages of the tide near the Quay using bread as bait. The mullet caught ranged between 4lb and 6lb. These fish are often seen in shallow water on a rising tide splashing playfully. Ornithologists sometimes observe them in the early movement of water as a variety of birds feed nearby.

Throughout the year, bass continued to be caught up to 6lb in the upper reaches of the harbour, north and south of Dell Quay, again using harbour rag. The club comply fully with bass restrictions and dates.

Off beaches near Selsey and in boats further out to sea, wrasse, smooth hounds, rays, flounders and pouting were caught. These fish included a 14lb ray and a smoothhound of 12lb 8oz.

Already in 2014, eels have been caught between 1½lb and 2¼lb, so hopefully this is the beginning of a really successful season.

Following an encouraging annual meeting at the clubhouse, cups were awarded for specimen fish caught during the 2013 season.

Alan Goodeve received the Wittering Cup for a 12lb smoothhound; Jim Billinghurst had two awards, the Young Cup for a 14lb ray and the Silver Fish Trophy for the second highest points awarded over the year.

Andrew Wichtowski gained the Sue Webb Cup for the largest mullet over 6lb. Allan Blamire received the Wilkinson Cup with a 5lb 4oz bass, the Longest Fish Cup for a bass of 66cm and over 6lb, the Horton Cup for the highest points total during the 2013 season and the Sports Person Challenge Cup for a 1½lb wrasse caught off East Beach, Selsey.

An event this year not to be missed by new and experienced anglers will be the club’s open day on May 18. It will take place at the Dell Quay clubhouse with refreshments, from 10am to midday. All are welcome. See www.apuldramfishingandboatclub.org.uk for more.