Arun enjoying a volley of success

Arun Volleyball Club
Arun Volleyball Club

Arun Volleyball Club are going from strength to strength.

From January 2013 the club have been registered with Volleyball England and in May last year they were were invited to take part in the Sussex Volleyball Cup, which they won.

That led to them being placed in the men’s division one of the Sussex Volleyball Association League.

The 2013-2014 season saw them exceed all expectations and win the league – an excellent result for a new team, who picked up the Sussex Volleyball Association club trophy.

Each player got a trophy and Krzysztof Obrzut was named player of the season.

The club have now been permitted to play at the national level and will be fielding two teams of players. The junior team are maintaining membership of the Sussex League while the senior team will be playing in the National League.

The club have a number of players from the Arun area, with players from a number of different backgrounds and initial ability levels.

They have been coached by a world-class coach Yuri Kagarov, who has been associated with some of the top volleyball teams in the world, and has achieved the highest level of qualification.

Kagarov has worked hard with the players to improve performance, results and tactics, and there is a marvellous rapport between the players and coach.

His goal is to expand the team and inspire the local population to give this fast-paced and exciting game a higher profile.

The club have undertaken a number of initiatives in local schools as well as welcoming new members who wish to try out the sport and increase their fitness and skill levels.

They’re a non-profit-making club supported by the members and the coach. They have sought funding but without success so far.

Training sessions are taking place at Arun Leisure Centre.Information how to join the club and contact details are available from