Basketball: Pirates on a different Planet to send Neptunes’ hopes into orbit

Hot off a two-game winning streak, Bognor Pirates racked up their highest National League division three tally of the season to send Newham Neptunes (Nassa) flying, winning 96-86.

It didn’t take long for Lowe’s patented hook shots to find the net. The Neptunes were quick to fire back with a selection of drive and dish moves causing the Pirates to alter their defence.

This worked and the Pirates ended the first quarter 21-20 up.

The Pirates came out for the second quarter with a fierce arsenal of attack with McLaren hitting the core of Nassa’s defence and Kev Wilson finishing after great ball movement by every player.

The Pirates’ defence was of most significance with Stapely showing disregard for his own safety fighting for every ball - and winning. Every member of the team showed the effort that Nairus Buksevics demands.

An offensive barrage by Dave Turner punished the Nassa defence, who left him free for three-pointers.

Pirates scored 38 points in the quarter to Nassa’s 21 and the halfway stage saw the Pirates leading 59-41.

In the third the Neptunes proved their unbeaten record was no fluke with supreme finishing skills around the hoop and some three-pointers.

They went on a 10-0 run to cut the lead to eight but the Pirates weren’t finished as Robbins start to push through the core of Nassa’s weakening defence, contorting his body to finish around the basket. The Pirates finished the third quarter 72-65 in front.

In the fourth the Pirates started again to up their defence. Nassa continued to shoot threes but weren’t hitting the percentage they would have liked.

This led to some great finishes and clutch free throws by Robbins and Turner.

Stu Hardyman was a rock at the guard position and Attfield proved a threat inside.

The Pirates kept head-strong in a hot-headed game and this carried them through.

PIRATES: McLaren 20, Turner 20, K Wilson 10, Lowe 14, Stapely 11, Attfield 6, Buksevics 4, Robbins 11, Hardyman, Roythorne.