Bognor’s Geikens feasts on Sunday Punch show success

Artur Geikins on his way to victory over Frankie Monkhouse
Artur Geikins on his way to victory over Frankie Monkhouse

BOGNOR boxer Artur Geikins managed to cause an upset stoppage win at Miranda Carter’s Sunday Punch show at York Hall, Bethnal Green.

He thwarted Frankie Monkhouse in his attempt to extend his unbeaten record to four fights.

In the first round, Geikins was carefully evaluating his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and it was fairly even.

His corner told him he would have to up the ante in order to come away with the win over the well-supported London-based Scot, who had 130 travelling fans with him.

From the start of the second round, Geikins upped his game with educated pressure, catching Monkhouse with a right hand crashing sweetly on to the jaw of Monkhouse dropping him to the canvas.

Monkhouse bravely managed to get up and continue despite being wobbly. Geikins sent in a barrage of heavy shots which forced Monkhouse to hit the canvas again with the referee stepping in to call the bout to a halt.

Geikins will be boxing on May 9 at the Grovesnor Hotel, London, alongside stablemate Alex Gibbens at a black-tie dinner show.

Call 07803 064644 for ticket info.

The second Riley’s Gym success of the same weekend came from 17-year-old prospect Jack Partridge, representing Bognor’s new amateur club - Ockley ABC - at Southampton’s Golden Ring Boxing Club.

He was facing a very durable opponent in Sheerkhan Ahmedi, who had the advantage in weight and experience but did not have any answers for the slick southpaw style of Partridge.

Partridge won the bout unanimously with a display of boxing skills which left everyone present impressed with the youngster’s boxing ability as he finished the final round with two standing counts over Ahmedi.